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Our Online Coaching Courses

Online coaching courses are a highly efficient approach for organisations, particularly where the managers to be trained are based in different locations. We can deliver all our online coaching courses through virtual training by Zoom, Teams, or through any other preferred digital platform.

The advantages of online training over live training are:

  • there are more opportunities to practise and come back to a training session for review;
  • each topic is thoroughly embedded through demonstrations and practice before moving on to the next;
  • the cost savings can be significant, eliminating the need for venue, refreshments, printed materials, and travel/hotel costs;
  • the schedules take smaller chunks out of time out of the working day so that participants are able to keep up with their day-to-day work commitments.

Online coaching courses can be delivered in any format including solely by conference calls. All of the courses described on this website can be delivered online in this way.

Distance coach training sessions  are highly interactive and consist of trainer demonstrations, discussions and participant practice. The Zoom platform allows for breakout groups in pairs and trios and the trainer can visit each virtual room to provide one-to-one feedback. This variety mitigates the fatigue that tends to happen during video meetings, making all-day sessions a positive experience. The approach is very much a group coaching method, which engages and inspires participants to think for themselves and make the learning their own.

Online Coaching Courses and Workshops

Our signature ILM accredited coaching skills course is now being delivered successfully over five days face-to-face or on-line, or several months of two-hour on-line training sessions, or a combination of the two. Shorter workshops can be tailor-made to suit your requirements.

“It is the best course I have been on and the most useful one to me in my entire life”

We provide coaching train-the-trainer in-house programmes for qualified and experienced coaches, through practical experience and guidance from our own trainers.

“I honestly have never had such consistent positive feedback from any course I run.”

In today’s workplace, it is sometimes essential to influence, motivate and inspire people who are not reports, eg more senior staff, or co-workers in other teams.

“Gets me to really think deeply about myself and how I should be more flexible about others’ personalities. Please continue with this high level of training.”

Train your internal coaches to supervise each other.

“We have a lot of positive responses from our coaches and your sessions were very well received.”

Participants explore their emotional intelligence, underpinned by recent advancements in neuroscience.

“It was excellent feedback, something we will look at offering again in the future”. 

Tailor-made workshops for dealing with stress, decision-making, wellbeing, mental health, or any other challenge relevant to your workplace.

“Really useful for work and outside of work.  Would recommend this be offered to other colleagues particularly more senior colleagues e.g. partners.”

During the Covid-19 lockdown, some workers faced mental health crises in terms of extreme pressure and emotional stress on the front line, such as social care workers and medical staff, while others suffer anxiety while furloughed or working from home. Our Resilience Workshops are aimed at promoting mental health and well-being through facilitated discussion and coaching, as well as providing some ‘silver bullets’ in terms of practical skills for carers, medical staff, or those dealing with conflict or feelings of isolation in their virtual workplace.

“Allowed me to look deeper into myself and helped me understand my part in conversations and relationships at work and outside”

Transcending unconscious bias: this innovative, neuroscience-based training uses the radical “bottom-up” approach – training the mind itself – rather than the usual “top-down” approach of merely providing guidelines or strategies to target behaviour.

“Clara was engaging, making sure we understood and had time to practise the bite -size knowledge she was imparting”

Leadership tools for coaching managers: practical techniques to enhance coaching skills.

“Excellent as always! Lots of new tools to take forward and immediate use for a couple of the tools to find a solution.”

This course is attended by a mix of managers, practitioners, therapists and others and is now being delivered through a series of distance sessions.

“The performance coaching course was absolutely fantastic!”

We can provide our usual services remotely for team-building workshops, generative thinking meetings, C-suite events and away-days.

“Overall we have seen energy levels increase, relationships within the team have improved and managers feel more empowered to do their roles.”

Online coach training can be delivered by phone, Skype, Zoom or any other audio/visual platform. We have a team of highly experienced coaches who are accustomed to working at all levels of leadership including CEO and C-Suite.

Please click these links for client reviews and Case histories from all of the programmes described above.

Online leadership and team-building programmes

Our trainers are adept at facilitating board meetings on line, and can conduct our signature Generative Thinking Meetings to create goals, resolve conflict, and enable managers to work as more cohesive teams.

Reviews for our online coaching courses

  • “During the practical assignments, I had an opportunity to interact with quite a few colleagues across the globe, whom I had never met before. Through coaching, I realised that people are the same everywhere, everyone carries their own fears. It has given me insight into how humans behave, and it is the same kind of challenges everyone faces, in their day to day activities. This helps you see the whole world as one global collaborative environment. Overall, it has been a life changing experience for me personally.” – Preethi Shankar, HR Manager, IG India.
  • “I’ve been really impressed at how well the ‘face to face’ sessions have worked on Zoom.  James is clearly very comfortable with the remote format and it feels like we are all ‘in the room’.” – John Ridley, Director of Learning, Tanglin Trust Singapore
  • “I really enjoyed and found useful to talk about leadership styles” – Agnieska Noworol, KYC Manager for IG EMEA.
  • “I like the content of the training, part of it was a reminder for me, part was new. Person leading the training encouraged participants to speak. It is not easy to conduct the meeting via Skype and keep participants involved. However it is not a case during our sessions, people are actively taking part in all discussions.” – Anita Latuszek, Compliance Team Lead, IG Poland.
  • “I actually really like the online format. Zoom works perfectly and it is great to be able to do this course from the comfort of my own home.” – Svenja Keller FPFS, Killik & Co UK.
  • “Excellent facilitation by James. I am amazed by the connect and rapport he could build virtually with the participants in just 3 hours.” – Meenakshi Wadhwa, Johnson & Johnson
  • “I enjoyed the participating nature of the course, it kept me engaged over the session and helped me to think about what was being discussed.” – Tom Brown, Head of Trading Services, IG Australia.
  • “Very easy content to digest. There is a world outside technical life.” – Shubham Dadel, Technical Manager, IG India.