Worldwide Performance Coach Training for Leadership

Online Coaching Courses

Online coaching courseAn online coaching course is a highly efficient approach for organisations, particularly where the managers to be trained are based in different locations. We can deliver all our coaching courses online or face-to-face as required.

The advantages of online coaching training over live training are:

  • there are more opportunities to practise and come back to a training session for review;
  • each topic is thoroughly embedded through demonstrations and practice before moving on to the next;
  • the cost savings can be significant, eliminating the need for venue, refreshments, printed materials, and travel/hotel costs;
  • the schedules take smaller chunks out of time out of the working day so that participants are able to keep up with their day-to-day work commitments.

Online coaching courses can be delivered in any format including solely by conference calls. All of the courses described on this website can be delivered online in this way.

Distance coach training sessions  are highly interactive and consist of trainer demonstrations, discussions and participant practice. The digital platform allows for breakout groups in pairs and trios and the trainer can visit each virtual room to provide one-to-one feedback. This variety mitigates the fatigue that tends to happen during video meetings, making all-day sessions a positive experience. The approach is very much a group coaching method, which engages and inspires participants to think for themselves and make the learning their own.

Online Coaching Courses and Workshops

Our signature ILM accredited coaching skills course is now being delivered successfully over five days face-to-face or online, or several months of two-hour on-line training sessions, or a combination of the two. Shorter workshops can be tailor-made to suit your requirements, and a variety of coaching qualifications are offered to suit your requirements.

“It is the best course I have been on and the most useful one to me in my entire life”

In today’s workplace, it is sometimes essential to influence, motivate and inspire people who are not reports, eg more senior staff, or co-workers in other teams. This ILM Recognised course provides practical tools for influencing and persuading, plus reflective exercises to increase awareness of self and others.

“Gets me to really think deeply about myself and how I should be more flexible about others’ personalities. Please continue with this high level of training.”

This course carries a coaching qualification of an ILM Recognised certificate if required, and can be delivered inhouse to as an online course or face-to-face, or attended by individuals as an online open course.

“I have been nothing but overjoyed with this training. It’s been a safe space, there has been learning, there has been practice, there has been reflection.”

Participants explore their emotional intelligence, underpinned by recent advancements in neuroscience, a face to face or online coaching course.

“It was excellent feedback, something we will look at offering again in the future”. 

Tailor-made workshops for dealing with stress, decision-making, wellbeing, mental health, or any other challenge relevant to your workplace.

“Really useful for work and outside of work.  Would recommend this be offered to other colleagues particularly more senior colleagues e.g. partners.”

An advanced face to face or online coaching course for professional coaches and coaching managers: practical techniques to enhance coaching skills.

“Excellent as always! Lots of new tools to take forward and immediate use for a couple of the tools to find a solution.”

This online coaching course is attended by a mix of managers, consultants, practitioners, therapists, and anyone wishing to improve their communication skills and master the coaching mindset. Providing everything required to become an accredited professional coach or coaching manager, the course carries a variety of coaching qualifications to choose from, to suit each individual’s aims and pockets.

“These were truly the best 5 days of professional training I’ve had so far!”

Coaching sessions can be delivered face-to-face or through any digital medium. We have a team of highly experienced coaches who are accustomed to working at all levels of leadership including CEO and C-Suite.

Please click these links for client reviews and Case studies from all of the programmes described above.

Online leadership and team-building programmes

Our trainers are adept at facilitating board meetings on line, and can conduct our signature Generative Thinking Meetings to create goals, resolve conflict, and enable managers to work as more cohesive teams.

For further information or to find out how to bring this training into your organisation, please contact us .