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Advanced Coach Training

Advanced coaching training workshops, continuing professional development

We provide a comprehensive range of continuing professional development, including Advanced Coach Training Workshops designed specifically to enhance the capabilities of organisational leaders and internal executive coaches. These advanced coaching skills programmes are meticulously crafted to augment existing techniques, adding innovative coaching methodologies and strategies tailored to the needs of the participants.

1. Advanced Coaching Skills Workshop for Senior Leaders

The Advanced Coaching Skills Workshop is specifically designed to enhance and update the coaching abilities of senior leaders. This bespoke programme varies in duration, offering flexible options from a half-day, full day or extended course which includes practical assignments between training sessions. It can be delivered online or face-to-face and participants receive a comprehensive handout.

The advanced coach training workshop is distinguished by its dynamic and engaging approach. It fosters an environment rich in interaction, encouraging participants to actively engage in discussions and apply new concepts in real-time. To ensure the utmost relevance and immediate applicability, attendees are encouraged to bring personal examples of their current objectives and challenges. This method ensures that the skills and strategies learned are directly aligned with their specific professional contexts, thereby enhancing the impact and effectiveness of the training.

2. Advanced Coaching Skills Workshop for Executive Coaches

In order to respond to the many and varied situations which arise during the practice of executive coaching, this advanced coach training workshop has been designed to provide experienced coaches with a range of additional tools and models to draw upon for their continuing professional development. Some are more suitable for use in formal coaching sessions and others for manager-as-coach.

Depending on the length of the workshop, topics may include Mindfulness at Work, Clean Language, Team Development, Coaching Skills Review, Constructive Conversations, Somatic Coaching, Kotter’s Eight Steps to Change, the OK Corral, and Leadership Archetypes.

This bespoke advanced coach training programme varies in duration, offering flexible options from a half-day, full day or extended course which includes practical assignments between training sessions. It can be delivered online or face-to-face and participants receive a comprehensive handout.

Style of Learning

Our advanced coach training workshops are distinguished by their engaging and interactive learning style, ensuring a rich and immersive educational experience. Participants benefit from live demonstrations led by expert trainers, providing a practical insight into effective coaching and leadership techniques. The training is designed to encourage active participation, allowing attendees to engage in interactive practice sessions and collaborative exercises.

A unique aspect of our approach is the use of ‘real-plays’ rather than ‘role plays’, enabling participants to apply new skills directly to their own workplace environment rather than theoretical scenarios. This hands-on method ensures that the learning is directly relevant and immediately applicable.

We pride ourselves on fostering a safe and enjoyable learning atmosphere where participants can explore and grow. Our sessions are fast-paced and challenging, designed to push boundaries and stimulate professional development.

For further information or to find out how to bring these workshops into your organisation, please contact us.

Reviews of our Advanced Coach Training Workshops

  • Thank you very much James for your great facilitation of this training. I have received a lot of positive feedback on the program, training and most importantly regarding your impact on this training. Thank you very much to show the power of coaching to our leaders, I can hear that they had chance to experience it quite intense way with the additional practice opportunities with internal & external talents and they enjoyed it.” –Serpil Dede, HR Director, HRBP Europe/ANZ, Corporate Functions & Transformation at Reckitt.
  • “Excellent as always! Lots of new coaching tools to take forward and immediate use for a couple of the tools to find a solution.” – Coral Ingleton, L&D Manager, Kent County Council
  • “Excellent facilitation by James. I am amazed by the connect and rapport he could build virtually with the participants in just 3 hours.” – Meenakshi Wadhwa, Global Training Manager, Johnson & Johnson
  • “All modules were useful for my continuing professional development and have helped  me to remember past lessons.”
  • “Some very helpful strategies and coaching tools. Well planned, excellent organisation of the day. The trainer’s manner and attitude throughout was very supportive and helpful. The materials were very well presented and the training was co-ordinated, clear and effective.”
  • “More tips, strategies and explanations for my coaching toolkit. The materials and training were excellent, and the facilitator very clear and concise. Benefits will be the sharpening of my old skills and application of new.”
  • “The advanced coaching skills day has helped my continuing professional development by refreshing my original coaching skills. All the modules were useful and have helped to remember past lessons. Things I learned today can be put into practice with my coachees. The facilitator was very good and the style of training relaxed.” 
  • “Excellent – very interactive which was great.”
  • “I will certainly use the new tools in future sessions. I am far more confident to coach senior staff and handle difficult conversations as a result of doing this.”
  • “Provided a number of new coaching tools/strategies/ideas to develop as well as helping to embed existing skills. Excellent – good pace, consistent throughout. Well developed materials. A good mix of activities, discussion and presentation.”