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Advanced Coach Training

Advanced coaching training, coaching tools, continuing professional development

In order to respond to the many and varied situations which arise during the practice of executive coaching, this advanced coach training workshop has been designed to provide experienced coaches with a range of additional tools and models to draw upon for their continuing professional development. Some are more suitable for use in formal coaching sessions and others for manager-as-coach. Most of the topics can be extended and run as one-day courses on their own, including Mindfulness at Work, Clean Language, Team Development, Coaching Skills Review, Constructive Conversations, Somatic Coaching, Kotter’s Eight Steps to Change, the OK Corral, and Leadership Archetypes.

The style of the training is highly interactive. Participants will have plenty of co-coaching opportunities to practise working with the tools, to discuss best practice issues, the use of the tools, and to ask questions.

Participants receive a manual or handout with a summary of each tool.

If you are looking to enhance your coaching skills, improve your management techniques, or learn new skills for managing those difficult conversations, this is an excellent way to add to your toolbox. Click here for a case history of this course.

This course is currently run as an in house option only, not as an open course.

Deliverables of Advanced Coach Training

Guided by the trainer, participants gain practical experience of a selection of the following tools for continuing professional development:

  • Change management (including John Kotter’s 8-step change model)
  • Mindfulness at work
  • Values questionnaire
  • Leadership archetypes
  • Body language & somatic coaching
  • Unconscious bias
  • Constructive conversations
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Coaching in the moment
  • The OK Corral
  • The Drama Triangle
  • Generative Thinking meeting
  • Personality types
  • Coaching skills review
  • Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment
  • David Grove’s Clean Language (coaching with metaphor)

Structure of Advanced Coach Training

The Advanced Coach Training Workshop can be delivered either face to face or remotely:

  • Two to four face-to-face days over four to eight weeks, with paired practice in between to embed the learning;
  • In two parts, each part comprising one or two face-to-face days plus two further days, or a follow up distance session one month later;
  • As one or more remote workshops, each comprising two two-hour sessions, delivered one month apart.

In all cases, participants will be paired up to practise coaching and co-coaching in between training sessions in order to provide profound and continuing professional development.

Style of Learning

    • live demonstrations by trainers
    • interactive practice by participants
    • interactive exercises among participants
    • real-plays, where participants practise with their own workplace situations
    • a safe and fun learning environment
    • fast paced and challenging

For further information or to find out how to bring this training into your organisation, please contact us.

Reviews of our advanced coach training programmes

  • “Excellent as always! Lots of new coaching tools to take forward and immediate use for a couple of the tools to find a solution.” – Coral Ingleton, L&D Manager, Kent County Council
  • “Wonderful. Great timing/space on both days – no sense of running out of time, and yet covered everything. The materials were excellent. The style of training was very interactive and engaging. It works well for me. I will be more skilled and confident in my coaching/day to day dealings with others. A great big thank you.”
  • “All modules were useful for my continuing professional development and have helped  me to remember past lessons.”
  • “Some very helpful strategies and coaching tools. Well planned, excellent organisation of the day. The trainer’s manner and attitude throughout was very supportive and helpful. The materials were very well presented and the training was co-ordinated, clear and effective.”
  • “The facilitator enabled all to speak and made the sessions entertaining. The training has given me improved coaching skills that will enhance the performance of others.”
  • “The recap of core skills was useful. I enjoyed experiencing new coaching skills. The facilitator was very informative and engaging. The training was always inclusive, engaging and supportive of delegates. The training will enhance my coaching skills and day to day subtle/instant coaching interactions. Thank you very much. I really enjoyed it.”
  • “More tips, strategies and explanations for my coaching toolkit. The materials and training were excellent, and the facilitator very clear and concise. Benefits will be the sharpening of my old skills and application of new.”
  • “The day has helped my development by refreshing my original coaching skills. All the modules were useful and have helped to remember past lessons. Things I learned today can be put into practice with my coachees. The facilitator was very good and the style of training relaxed.” 
  • “Excellent – very interactive which was great.”
  • “I will certainly use the new tools in future sessions. I am far more confident to coach senior staff and handle difficult conversations as a result of doing this.”
  • “Provided a number of new coaching tools/strategies/ideas to develop as well as helping to embed existing skills. Excellent – good pace, consistent throughout. Well developed materials. A good mix of activities, discussion and presentation.”
  • “The day has helped my confidence. It was energising and added coaching tools. I will use the skills with more confidence and increase ‘coaching moments’. The pack and e-information are very useful & good. There was a good balance of talk and activity.”