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Culture At Work Ltd

Founded in 2005, performance coach training provider Culture At Work has delivered cutting edge coaching skills training, leadership and management programmes to leaders at all levels from CEO to team leaders. We regularly receive feedback that our courses have provided the best leadership development that participants have ever experienced, and through our wide network of expert trainers we are able to deliver multiple courses simultaneously and globally.

The key features that make us a unique performance coach training provider are:

  • As an ILM Centre for coaching and mentoring we can deliver ILM accredited coaching skills training with Endorsed, Level 5, Level 7 and Diploma certification. Our foundation coaching skills training course is accredited by the Association for Coaching and recognised by Portsmouth University Business School.
  • Prior to 20 years developing her innovative performance coaching and leadership theories, our CEO and programme designer, Carol Wilson, spent 20 years as a corporate director and MD, which gives her a unique understanding of the needs of managers in terms of leadership development in the workplace. She spent a decade working at board and MD level with Sir Richard Branson, as Managing Director of some of the Virgin Group companies, which enabled her to experience Virgin’s coaching culture at first hand.
  • Our performance coaching skills training programmes provide ‘silver bullets’  of coaching, for immediate practical application in the workplace.
  • Carol formed a company with performance coaching founder, the late Sir John Whitmore, to develop his time-honoured GROW model and Coaching for Performance training, partnering him in a number of projects include leadership development at IKEA. Sir John authored “Coaching for Performance“, now regarded as the coach’s ‘bible’ and translated into 19 languages, and much of our coaching skills for leaders training is based on his influence and principles.
  • Our trainers and coaches are highly skilled, charismatic , and experts in providing a fun, challenging, and yet safe environment for learning. All have experience as workplace managers, so understand the needs of business leaders and teams.
  • We are a coach training centre able to deliver face-to-face or virtual performance coach training programmes and leadership development events.
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What is a coaching culture?

A coaching culture allows people to:

  • take risks and contribute their own creative ideas
  • speak up, challenge and express conflicting views
  • feel appreciated and that their contribution matters
  • form cohesive and high achieving teams
  • take responsibility for their own actions
  • treat mistakes and set-backs as valuable learning experiences
  • master constructive and motivating coaching feedback
  • raise motivation and performance to achieve better results
  • raise resilience and lower stress in the workplace

Developing your coaching culture strategy

Do you want to create a coaching culture at work? Organisations from all over the world come to us for our unique methods in designing their coaching culture strategy, and for our track record as a coach training provider in developing a coaching culture through training courses and leadership development programmes delivered on-line or face-to-face.

Businesses are people, and the success of a business depends on the way people manage each other and work together. Through a combination of training, coaching and mentoring, we provide managers with new leadership skills to bring about a corporate coaching culture, where people connect, inspire each other and achieve their best performance.

To enable you to create a coaching culture strategy in your organisation we provide the following capabilities:

  • Design and deliver in-house coaching and mentoring programmes at all levels from CEO to junior management.
  • Develop your leaders and future leaders through programmes combining coaching, skills training and whatever other tools they require, including team building programmes, facilitated board meetings and away-day events to raise resilience and help people cope with change.

Devising your coaching culture strategy can be challenging, motivating and fun! Even more importantly, everybody benefits. Confidence grows, teams flourish, managers and leaders develop, performance improves and productivity increases. Creativity and ideas abound, stimulating a range of new opportunities. Stress reduces and people become more resilient during difficult times like the Covid crisis.

The impact of coaching skills training

Through over 16 years as a coach training provider we have seen a consistent pattern. We believe that this pattern shortcuts the process of creating behavioural change and speeds up the embedding of a genuine coaching culture. The impact of this approach is fast and visible and in our opinion is the most effective way for an organisation to achieve its business objectives.

Time and time again, we have noticed that organisations who choose to implement high quality, practical training in coaching and mentoring skills gain rapid cultural improvements. When the training is purposely designed to enable the leaders and managers to spread coaching behaviours, style and ethics naturally, the business results quickly follow.

Creating a coaching culture

Our credentials

We have been established since 2005 and are uniquely positioned to draw on the wisdom of key thought leaders in the fields of coaching and business:

Our founder, Carol Wilson, worked at board level for 10 years with renowned coach, Sir Richard Branson, who created the legendary coaching culture at Virgin. Carol was a Managing Director of two of the Virgin group of companies, was the first woman in the world to found a successful record label, and signed many top artists, including Sting, The Human League, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Tom Petty and Iggy Pop.

Coaching skills training

Our founding business and creative partner was Sir John Whitmore (1937-2017), pioneer of coaching and co-creator of the GROW model.

Both Sir Richard Branson and Sir John Whitmore wrote Forewords  to Carol’s book “Performance Coaching: A Complete Guide to Best Practice Coaching and Training”, now in its third edition, and she has combined her experience of their work and philosophies with 20 years as a corporate MD (at Virgin, Polygram, Island and Warner Bros) and 20 years as a coach, trainer and consultant on creating a coaching culture.

“Find good people, set them free!” – “Business Stripped Bare” by Sir Richard Branson