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Coaching culture at work: coaching for performance; create a coaching mindset; coaching skills training.

Welcome to Coaching Culture at Work: empowering leaders and managers through expert coaching skills training. Transform your leadership by cultivating a coaching culture for organisational excellence. At Coaching Culture at Work, we specialise in equipping managers and leaders with coaching skills, fostering a transformative coaching culture within your organisation. Our comprehensive training programmes are meticulously designed to imbue your leadership team with the competencies necessary for promoting growth, innovation, and a supportive work environment.

Why Invest in coaching skills training?

1. Enhanced leadership and management abilities

Our coaching skills training provides leaders and managers with the tools to nurture talent effectively, guiding teams towards achieving organisational goals with greater efficiency and clarity.

2. Improved Employee Engagement and Morale

By adopting a coaching mindset, leaders can create a more inclusive and supportive workplace. A coaching culture boosts employee morale, leading to higher productivity and job satisfaction.

3. Increased Adaptability and Innovation

Coaching skills encourage open-mindedness and a willingness to explore new ideas, paving the way for innovation and adaptability in an ever-evolving business landscape.

4. Stronger Interpersonal Relationships and Collaborative Team Cohesion

Coaching fosters mutual respect and understanding within teams, strengthening collaboration and leading to more effective problem-solving and decision-making.

5. Sustainable Organisational Growth

By embedding a coaching culture, you can expect long-term growth, as teams become more autonomous, motivated, collaborative, and aligned with the organisation’s vision.

“A 10/10. The most important four days of training I’ve had in a very long time. This transforms me.” – GE Healthcare

With our expert trainers, your team will master coaching culture essentials including:

  • Key principles, tools, and techniques for creating a coaching culture
  • Strategies to build a positive, motivated workforce through coaching skills training
  • Implementing the ‘Coaching Mindset’ within your organisation

For more than two decades, Culture at Work has been a leading global provider of coaching culture and coaching skills training, delivering impactful programmes to professionals across 42 countries and all organisational levels. Our coaching skills courses are celebrated for their exceptional leadership development, and our extensive network of expert trainers enables us to provide simultaneous, multi-lingual coaching training around the globe.

What sets Culture at Work apart in coaching skills training:

Founder Carol Wilson’s 25 years of corporate leadership experience, including a decade directly at board level with Sir Richard Branson, give her a unique understanding of the challenges faced by today’s workers and how to maximize the value and impact of their time in the training room.

Our collaboration with performance coaching pioneer, Sir John Whitmore (1937-2017) to advance his seminal GROW model and Coaching for Performance principles, give us a deeper understanding of how to deliver effective GROW training than any other provider.

ILM Recognised, ILM Level 5, ILM Level 7, certificate in coaching & mentoring


As an accredited ILM Centre for coaching and mentoring we can deliver ILM accredited coaching skills training leading to ILM Certificates & Digital Credentials:

  • ILM Recognised Certificate & Digital Credential in Coaching & Mentoring
  • ILM Level 5 Certificate & Digital  Credential in Coaching & MentoringILM Recognised, ILM Level 5, ILM Level 7, certificate in coaching & mentoring
  • ILM Level 7 Certificate & Digital Credential in Coaching & Mentoring
  • ILM Level 7 Diploma & Digital Credential in Coaching & Mentoring

Our trainers are skilled, charismatic, and experienced in creating a dynamic learning environment for building a coaching mindset in corporate multicultural groups.

Through our in-person or online coaching skills training programmes worldwide, discover the benefits of a coaching culture that:

  • encourages risk-taking, coaching for performance, and creative thinking
  • fosters open dialogue and constructive coaching feedback
  • builds growth through high-performing and collaborative teams
  • enhances resilience, reduces stress
  • bridges cultural divides and embraces diversity and inclusion

Develop Your Coaching Culture Strategy:

Work with us to design your unique coaching culture strategy, leveraging our proven methods and track record in delivering coaching skills training courses and leadership development programmes, online or face-to-face.

Unlock the potential of coaching skills training:

Businesses are people, and the success of a business depends on the way people manage each other and work together. The impact of the ‘coaching mindset’ approach is fast, visible and the most effective way for an organisation to achieve its business objectives. Through a combination of training, coaching and mentoring, we will provide your leaders with the skills to develop a coaching mindset, so that people can connect, inspire each other, and achieve their best potential through coaching for performance,  all the while creating a true coaching culture.

“The best course I’ve ever taken, and the most useful in my entire life, not just at work.” – NCR

Are you ready to transform your organisation into a coaching culture through training programmes? Or become a coach through one of our open courses?