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Coach Training for Organisations

coach training for organisations

Our global team of coaches and trainers have been delivering pioneering coach training to organisations for the last 20 years, with outstanding results. We have a broad range of talented designers, coaches and trainers – if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for on this page, please contact us to request it.

Click on the links below for details of our coaching, training, and consultancy ranges for organisations:

Coaching Skills Training for Leaders
Our signature ILM accredited coaching skills course is now being delivered successfully face-to-face or virtually, or a combination of the two. Shorter workshops can be tailor made to suit your requirements.
“It is the best course I have been on and the most useful one to me in my entire life.”

Coaching Supervision Training
Train your internal coaches to become ILM certified coaching supervisors, able to supervise each other.
“As I delved into the coaching supervision toolbox, I discovered a wealth of valuable tools and approaches that resonated deeply with my coaching philosophy and practice.”

Tuckman Team Development Workshop
The Tuckman Team Development Workshop takes participants through the stages of the Bruce Tuckman Team Development Model and equips them with the skills and tools required to make each phase a success.

Leading Without Formal Authority: Lateral Leadership
In today’s workplace, it is sometimes essential to influence, motivate and inspire people who are not reports; for example more senior staff, or co-workers in other teams.
“Gets me to really think deeply about myself and how I should be more flexible about others’ personalities. Please continue with this high level of training.”

Mindfulness Training at Work
Tailor-made workshops for dealing with stress, decision-making, wellbeing, mental health, or any other challenge relevant to your workplace.
“Really useful for work and outside of work.  Would recommend this be offered to other colleagues particularly more senior colleagues e.g. partners.”

Diversity Training

Our Diversity Training promotes equality, diversity and inclusion, helping people to manage sensitive relationships and conversations in the workplace, to create unity and collaboration, and to deepen understanding.

“Thank you Jeffrey for the extraordinarily impactful training event you provided. Your obvious skill in understanding your audience and your ability to adjust your approach to their learning needs, while still meeting the primary objective of the course, was exceptional. You rightly deserved the excellent rating you achieved in the evaluation feedback from all of the participants. It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to continuing this partnership in the future.”

Neuroscience in Coaching
Participants explore emotional intelligence underpinned by recent advancements in neuroscience.
“It was excellent feedback, something we will look at offering again in the future.”

Advanced Coach Training
Leadership tools for coaching managers: practical techniques to enhance coaching skills.
“Excellent as always! Lots of new tools to take forward and immediate use for a couple of the tools to find a solution.”

Coach Training for Teachers
Our ILM accredited coaching and mentoring training for teachers and headteachers provides a recognised qualification and essential practical leadership skills, enhancing not only teaching techniques but an improvement in all communication skills, faculty teamwork, and leadership.
By investing heavily in coaching training for our teachers , the results from our 2017 staff survey were striking in terms of the positive upturn – 100% of our teachers stated that they enjoy coming to school each day.”