Worldwide Performance Coach Training for Leadership

Our Purpose

We believe that coaching skills can enhance all areas of life, not only leadership in organisations, but the greater contexts of personal relationships, inter-country politics, cross-cultural communication, the rehabilitation of offenders and the education of children and adults.

We are committed to spreading the benefits of coaching to as wide an audience as possible, regardless of people’s ability to pay. We undertake this in the following ways:

For Organisations

We deliver Coaching Culture Strategy programmes and ILM accredited Coaching and Mentoring training to organisations through 33 countries and in all main business languages, and to public sector organisations in the UK. We are particularly keen to support the NHS and proud to be working at C-Suite, director and consultant level with five main hospital trusts.

For Individuals

We provide ILM accredited coach training in London twice a year in the form of open courses which anyone may attend. The training supplies not only a marketable skill in the form of an ILM coaching and mentoring certificate, but provides opportunities for reflection, greater awareness of self and others, and help in deciding to move forward, through the plentiful practical coaching sessions which every participant undertakes. We provide scholarship places to those in need, for example the unemployed. No-one is ever turned away because they are unable to pay.

For Charity

Coaching skills possibly make the greatest difference to people who have led challenging lives, who may have been homeless or convicted as offenders, or are lacking role models in behaviour and communication. But historically these are the people least likely to gain access to coach training. We provide free training and trainers to more of these people every year through the MOE Foundation, and the African Prisons Project, where we provide pro-bono coach training courses and trainers.

Our values

We believe in showing respect and consideration towards all people including those we work with, for and who work for us.

We value excellence, originality, creative and innovative thinking, humour, health, collaboration, inclusiveness, integrity, openness, and trust.

We promote good health, wholesome and nutritious diets, self-help, fresh air and exercise, and try to be as sustainable as possible.