Worldwide Performance Coach Training for Leadership

The Performance Coaching for Leadership Executive Coach Training Course

Become a coach: ILM Level 7 course executive coach training

Become a coach with our ILM Accredited Executive Coach Training course. This online programme is delivered on Zoom and includes everything required to become an executive coach, whether internal or external, as well as enabling participants to become  authentic coaching managers.

The course is based on the late Sir John Whitmore’s GROW model, incorporating Tim Gallwey’s “Inner Game” principles, and benefiting  from Carol Wilson’s experience in her career as a corporate MD and board director in industry, including ten years at board level with Sir Richard Branson.

The picture to the right shows Sir John delivering our first  course live in 2007 with co- course designer Carol Wilson, and our Head of Training, James Wright.Become a coach: ILM Level 7 course executive coach training

Our Zoom training has proved to be as inspiring and energising as the live version, because of the highly interactive nature of the training, with frequent breakouts into pairs and small groups.

Coaching for Performance Accredited Coach

Participants receive the credential CfPAC (Coaching for Performance  Accredited Coach) in recognition of Sir John’s contribution to the design of the programme. As an ILM Centre, we are also able to supply ILM Endorsed, Level 5, Level 7 and Diploma accreditation certificates for this course. See below for further details.

The Performance Coach Training Course is:

  • Designed by coaches for coaches
  • Structured to be practical, embed the skills for the long term and use participants’ time efficiently
  • Uses best practices refined and shaped by the feedback of hundreds of attendees
  • Based on the proven methods such as the GROW model, and the use of unique and novel learning techniques
  • Designed by former Virgin Managing Director, Carol Wilson, and  Sir John Whitmore.

 Course Structure:

  • Three days + two days of executive coach training, four to six weeks apart, whether face-to-face or virtual
  • Practice assignments in between training modules
  • The final day consists of individual practical assessments

Course deliverables

  • Listening
  • Questioning
  • Clarifying
  • Permission Protocol
  • The coaching-mentoring-managing continuum
  • Goal setting
  • Strategic action planning
  • The GROW model
  • Leader-as-coach
  • Managing a coaching business
  • Best practice
  • An introduction to supervision
  • Self-limiting beliefs
  • Reference manual
  • Worksheets
  • A choice of our own Coaching for Performance Accredited Coach (CfPAC) Certificate, ILM Endorsed, Level 5 or 7 Certificate, or Level 5 or 7 Diploma

Free membership of the Association for Coaching

Every participant on our courses receives 12 months’ membership of the Association for Coaching  as an integral part of the course, free of charge.

This provides access to a wealth of information and support that is an invaluable benefit to those becoming professional coaches or looking to improve their leadership skills.

Membership benefits are the equivalent of the Association’s individual Associate level, listed here

Our approach to performance coach training

The style of our training is ‘learning by doing’. It is a very practical approach to executive coach training, in which participants  have the opportunity to practise coaching about real issues and to get feedback from our trainers and each other.

The course is divided into two modules. Between the two modules, participants are paired with a partner from the course, in order to practise their skills in a safe setting. This builds confidence and fluency, enabling participants to embed the new skills and use them fluently after the course is over.

ILM Accreditation Levels ILM distance coach training, ILM Level 5, ILM Level 7. ILM Diploma

We are an ILM Centre approved to deliver this course at ILM Endorsed, ILM Level 5, ILM Level 7 and ILM Diploma. The ILM is the leading  UK  awarding body for general and specialist management qualifications. It is the leadership arm of City & Guilds, which awards NVQ qualifications, and its awards are internationally recognised.

Only long-standing ILM Centres like ourselves are eligible to deliver the ILM Endorsed certificate, which fully qualifies you as a professional coach or manager-as-coach, without the onerous essay writing involved in Levels 5 and 7 ILM Certificates, and at less expense. This is a qualification for people who want to know simply that they can coach efficiently and have an ILM certificate as a proven credential. This certification requires an oral examination and the only written work required is a short coaching log and a case history of less than 1000 words.

Our own CfPAC certification is included in the cost of the course. See the different types of certification.

People who attend our open courses:

  • Managers at all levels in the workplace
  • Executives and independent practitioners
  • Learning and Development Heads
  • HR Executives
  • Consultants wishing to enhance their coaching skills or add coaching to their portfolio
  • People wishing to coach in any area: coaching skills are fundamental and as well as being useful in organisations can be applied to any field, eg personal, health, fitness, education, finance and running a small business.

Executive Coach Training Course dates

This course will be delivered virtually online through Zoom or Teams.

Training times: 09.00 – 16.00 UK time

Module 1: March 3-5
Module 2: April 29-30

Module 1: September 8-10
Module 2: October 28-29

For further information email us on or call 020 7022 4923


Certification            Professional Title Fee
Culture at Work  Certificate Coaching for Performance Accredited Coach (CfPAC) Course fee only:£2295+VAT
ILM Endorsed Certificate ILM Endorsed Accredited Coach Course fee+
ILM Level 5 Certificate ILM Accredited Coach (Level 5) Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring
Course fee+
ILM Level 7 Certificate ILM Accredited Coach (Level 7) Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring
Course fee+
ILM Level 7 Diploma ILM Accredited Coach (Level 7 Diploma) Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring
Course fee+


VAT: When applying for the first two categories above (CfPAC or ILM Endorsed Certificate)  applicants not registered for VAT can pay a reduced rate which includes VAT for the course fee only. This concession is awarded at our discretion and does not apply to applicants sponsored by organisations registered for VAT. To find out if you are eligible please email

Scholarships: In cases of hardship, for example unemployed or low-paid candidates,  we occasionally award scholarship or reduced price course fees for the first two categories above (CfPAC or ILM Endorsed Certificate). Please email to arrange for a phone interview if you believe you may be eligible for this.

Reductions for block bookings: There is a reduction of £230+VAT per booking for block bookings (two or more participants).

NB: Please note that all VAT and price reduction concessions are available only for the first two categories above (CfPAC and ILM Endorsed Certificate). If candidates wish to undertake ILM Levels certificates with us, either at the time of the course or later, the full course fees, block booking discounts and VAT on the concessions become payable.

Reviews of the Performance Coaching for Leadership Executive Coach Training Course

  • “A wonderful experience. A structured way of approaching coaching with new experiences, relationship building, personal fulfilment, content, tips, sharing. James was superb, thanks a lot! The Coaching Training was not only useful at that time, it is still the case today, with a lot of practice it helped me boost my Coaching experience” – Graciela Borasio, Global HR Director Finance & IS, PMI.
  • “These were truly the best 5 days of professional training I’ve had so far.” – Uliana Oleynikova, Coach & Trainer.
  • “The course was exceptionally well structured. I did an immense amount of research prior to registering – including having career transition coaching. This programme was suggested to me as (and I quote) ‘the most kosher one out there’! Carol’s publications (both her excellent book and article I read) also added weight and credibility. This is the kind of course that changes lives. Simple, well thought out and delivered beautifully. Bravo!” – Mandy Lehto, Performance Coach and Development Professional
  • “I actually really like the online format. Zoom works perfectly and it is great to be able to do this course from the comfort of my own home.” – Svenja Keller FPFS, Killik & Co UK.
  • “The performance coaching course was absolutely fantastic. The balance of time spent on theory and practice was just right, first giving participants a flavour of the latest developments in coaching theory, deepening that understanding through informal discussion, and then putting it into practice. The relaxed environment James created made me feel at ease and really encouraged all participants to just give it a go. The course has really changed my way of working both through the skills I’ve learned and through the self-reflection that comes with coaching and being coached. It has also given me great clarity on my own goals – a real testament to the quality of the coaches James produced on this course!” – Kim Taylor
  • “Having attended and delivered many training courses, this felt very different as you had lots of time to apply your learning and practice real life scenarios within a safe environment. A fantastic group of individuals with different life skills, experiences, cultural backgrounds and coming from near and far to learn, develop and grow. Wonderful to make new friends and learn so much in such a short space of time – thank you to everyone involved from James, Carol Wilson, Tracey and my fellow Coaches – we all rock!!!” – Andy Patel, Sales Capability Manager, Mars UK Chocolate Division
  • “This was an excellent programme delivered in a very supportive, relaxed and intimate environment.   Each day I could feel myself growing in ability and confidence in my coaching. A vital part of my learning development was being part of a group of fellow learners who brought with them a rich depth of experiences, knowledge and friendliness who were as much part of the learning environment as our facilitator.  Our facilitator was very effective and in his easy-going style he stretched our minds and challenged our abilities.  I am very glad I completed the programme and I am now eager to pursue further coaching relationships in my role in the NHS.” – Gary Tolometti, Learning and Leadership Programme Manager, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust
  • “As a result of the programme I personally have addressed issues with a team member, started jogging and discussed work stream issues with my manager – all resulting in positive outcomes. I have used my new skills to coach people within the workplace and have a queue of people waiting.” – David Cooper
  • “The course was excellent. It was enlightening, exciting and life changing. It was highly professionally run, inspirational, informative and with a great bunch of people. I was particularly impressed by the level of integrity exhibited by all concerned.” – Felicity Hawkins, Communications Consultant
  • “I would recommend this programme to anyone interested in coaching. The materials are very readable and a useful resource; the trainers were fantastic and very willing to share experiences with us, and we got loads of time to practice. This learning was reinforced by the break before the final day when we were tasked with more practice. Superb!” – Janet Bell – Director HR Matters
  • “As a participant of the Open Executive Performance Coach Training I have found the programme to be exceptionally well designed and delivered. Our very experienced and inspiring executive trainer James Wright has simply done an excellent job of providing us with all the necessary tools to become professional coaches.” – Uliana Oleynikova, Coach & Trainer.
  • “The course was exceptionally well structured. I did an immense amount of research prior to registering – including having career transition coaching. This programme was suggested to me as (and I quote) ‘the most kosher one out there’! Carol’s publications (both her excellent book and article I read) also added weight and credibility. This is the kind of course that changes lives. Simple, well thought out and delivered beautifully. Bravo!” – Mandy Lehto, Performance Coach and Development Professional