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Mindfulness Training at Work

Defined by Jon Kabat-Zinn as  “the awareness that arises from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally”, Mindfulness can be used to great effect in the workplace, and its numerous benefits have been documented in an ever-increasing body of scientific research.

Mindfulness training

This mindfulness workshop is designed and delivered by Dr Clara Seeger, Mindfulness, Neuroscience & Mental Balance Coachbased on her book “Mindfulness at Work in a Week”. An expert in emotional intelligence, mindfulness and neuroscience for coaches, Dr Seeger has an MSc in Neuroscience and Mindfulness from Kings College, London. A multi-linguist, Dr Seeger can deliver coaching and training in English, German and Greek.

Our Mindfulness training workshops can be booked individually or as a series, are tailor-made to suit your needs, and can include Mindfulness for:

  • Cultivating Attention – How to train your attention to navigate the modern workplace
  • Peak Performance – How to cultivate key skills for improving performance
  • Dealing with Stress – How to handle the pressures of the modern workplace
  • Emotion Regulation – How to cope with challenging emotions
  • Decision-Making – How mindfulness can support integrity and ethical decision-making
  • Wellbeing – How to cultivate a greater sense of wellbeing
  • Mental Health – How to enhance mental health and balance

About Dr Clara Seeger

Mindfulness at Work, Dr Clara Seeger

Dr.  Seeger is a Mindfulness and Neuroleadership coach, corporate facilitator, speaker and author with an MSc in Neuroscience and Mindfulness, specialising in facilitating positive change through Mindfulness, applied Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence. Oxford-educated and with a PhD from King’s College London, she worked in Investment Banking before retraining as a coach. Clara works with international companies across many sectors and countries, delivering mindfulness interventions, neuroscience-based leadership development, executive coaching and brain-based coach training to help clients successfully navigate change whilst maximising focus, productivity and wellbeing.

Clara has developed her own mindfulness-based coaching methodology and is passionate about introducing the benefits and neuroscience of mindfulness to the corporate world, both theoretically and practically. She is the author of Mindfulness At Work In A Week: Learn To Be Mindful In Seven Simple Steps (Hachette UK, 2016), a practical and neuroscience-based introduction to mindfulness for the workplace. Her previous book Investing in Meaning – An Alternative Approach to Leveraging your Portfolio (Completely Novel, 2012), is a coaching book for helping professionals maximise their sense of meaning at work.

To find out more about bringing Mindfulness training into your organisation please contact us.