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Coaching Accreditation

Our coaching and mentoring courses are accredited by the Association for Coaching and the ILM.

All candidates who have successfully completed a coaching course with us, whether inhouse or open, received a CfPAC certificate and are eligible to undertake coach accreditation with the Association for Coaching, which demands additional criteria and has to be separately applied for.

At extra cost ILM Recognised, Level 5, Level 7 and Level 7 Diploma credentials are available.

Undertaking an additional module qualifies candidates to apply for ICF coach accreditation and Association for Coaching Master Coach accreditation, both of which demand additional criteria and have to be separately applied for.

Please read on for further details about accreditation options.

Coaching for Performance Accredited Coach | CfPAC | professional coach training

CfPAC: Coaching for Performance Accredited Coach

A Coaching for Performance Accredited Coach (CfPAC) has been assessed and certified by Performance Coach Training Ltd or Culture at Work Ltd as a professional coach, who is qualified to coach in all categories, and at all levels of seniority.Sir John Whitmore

The designation CfPAC refers to the late Sir John Whitmore’s seminal book “Coaching for Performance”, which has sold over a million copies worldwide, and has been translated into 20 languages. The term also recognises Sir John’s contribution to the design of our training  courses.

Certification requirements for CfPAC Certificate

  • Pass a practical assessment, either live or online, coaching an allocated coachee from the course for 20 minutes observed by our assessor.
  • Provide confirmation from a coachee (who may or may not be a participant from the course) that you have delivered four sessions of at least 20 minutes each in length. The four sessions may be with the same coachee or with different ones.
  • Provide written confirmation from a coach (who may be another course participant or a qualified coach) that you have received four sessions as a coachee, each at least 20 minutes in length. If the coach is not from the course, please check the details with your trainer.
  • Provide confirmation that you have received at least one session from a coaching supervisor (who may be another participant from the course or a qualified coach).
  • Produce a written case history of a coaching session, or a series of coaching sessions, or an example of how you have used manager-as-coach skills in your workplace, including details of which tools were used. To protect confidentiality, no names or identifying details should be included. (800-1000 words).

ILM Approved Centre

ILM Coaching and Mentoring Accreditation

Certification requirements for the ILM Recognised Credential:

The requirements are the same as for the CfPAC certificate above. Further details about the ILM Recognised Credential are on the ILM website.

Requirements for ILM Level 5 Credential in Coaching and Mentoring:


Requirements for ILM Level 5 Credential in Coaching and Mentoring and ILM Level 7 Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring:


Extra module for ICF coach and AC Master Coach accreditation

This module comprises 22 hours of additional coaching and mentoring at a cost of  £2,200+VAT. It qualifies candidates to apply for ICF ACC  accreditation and AC Master Coach accreditation, both of which demand further criteria and must be applied for separately. Please contact us for details.

Fees for coaching certification:

Coaching AccreditationNotes:

  1. If you are an individual attending our open Executive Coach Training course on a scholarship or at a reduced rate, please note that all VAT and price reduction concessions are available only for candidates requiring CfPAC and/or the ILM Recognised Credential. If candidates wish to undertake ILM Levels Credentials with us, either at the time of the course or later, the full course fees, block booking discounts and VAT on the concessions will become payable.
  2. The fees quoted above are charged per participant in addition to course fees. Discounts are available on ILM Levels certification for organisations undertaking an inhouse course where all the candidates choose the same certification.
  3. Candidates may decide which type of accreditation to register for before or after completing the accreditation criteria at the end of the course.  Whichever accreditation is undertaken, others may be applied for at a later date.
  4. Participants on the same course may each undertake different types of certification.
  5. The practical learning is the same for all the types of certification. The difference between the ILM levels lies in the amount of coaching practice required, the level of seniority, and the written work delivered.

To enquire about attending a course or bringing the training into your organisation, please contact us