Worldwide Performance Coach Training for Leadership

CASE STUDY: Nexus School Singapore

Performance Coaching for Schools course and Train the Coach Trainer


The Principal at Nexus School in Singapore, Judy Cooper, trained as a coach and coach trainer with us at the English Schools Foundation in Hong Kong. When she left to take up her post at Nexus, one of the key elements she wished to implement was coach training for her teachers and other staff.


We supported Judy in providing electronic materials for delivering our signature coaching course in her school.


Judy reports that Performance Coaching training was the first step towards a cultural shift in the school. They are still at the early stages of the journey, yet the interest for training has grown to a stage where they need to add extra training sessions to meet the demand. By adding coaching to the strategic plan, it became part of the day-to-day conversations with colleagues and learners.

Nexus has now moved to a systematic implementation of coaching for all teachers and a growing number of admin teams, and coaching time is calendared to support these conversations, underlining their importance. The schools has a ‘Coaching for Learning’ pathway, where everyone is entitled to a trained coach to empower them to set and work towards their goals. The strategic direction of the school is shared and clear. The routes people take may look different, supported by the required professional learning opportunities, but everyone is heading towards the same overarching goals for the school. Personal goals are also supported through this pathway, which is not limited to the workplace because coaching is treated as a holistic approach at the school.