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CASE STUDY: Kent County Council’s South East Coaching & Mentoring Network

ILM Accredited Coach Training course

In 2005, faced with the challenge of budgetary restrictions, but also passionate about the benefits of coaching, Head of Learning & Development at Kent County Council,  Coral Ingleton, devised a plan for developing a coaching culture throughout the organisation at minimal cost. Starting with Kent Fire and Police, she partnered other local organisations and provided coach training courses for them. At the last count the network, now known as The South East Coaching and Mentoring Network, and headed by Serena Cunningham, comprised 16 organisations, over 200 members and is still expanding.

Developing a Coaching Culture at Kent County Council
James Wright addressing the Kent SE Coaching & Mentoring Network Coaching Awards

We were asked:

  • To provide coach training and Continuing Professional Development for all members of the South East Coaching & Mentoring Network.
  • To advise on developing a coaching culture within Kent County Council and its associated organisations.


  1. Five days of coaching skills training spread over five months.
  2. Participants are paired to practise face to face and by phone in between sessions.
  3. Participants are set practical assignments to carry out in the workplace and reading assignments.
  4. A 40 page student manual accompanies the course.
  5. Assessment on Day 5 and delivery of related criteria results in ILM certification


Since the programme began, we have provided over 30 five day courses to the South East Coaching & Mentoring Network, giving managers across the network the opportunity to incorporate coaching skills into their leadership styles, offer internal coaching and mentoring, and to help in developing a coaching culture throughout their own organisations. As a result, the Network has a large and growing team of qualified and experienced coaches who are able act as external coaches across the network. Some have attended further workshops to deepen their skills. Click to read the case histories of their advanced coach training and coaching supervision training.

Feedback from participants:

  • Really enjoyed the training days and they have added a tremendous amount to my knowledge of coaching. It’s great to get feedback on skills to help to improve.
  • I have learnt a great deal over the last two days. A somewhat mind-blowing amount of information – but very exciting!
  • A really helpful day bringing a lot together, in a very good course. I will particularly apply the ‘non-violent communication’ module.
  • Trainer excellent, compelling metaphors! I really enjoyed this. I will apply it at work with my teams, at meetings and in life!
  • The tutor was very good with obvious authority of experience. A good grounding in coaching for both individual and management coaching. This course was good value for money and helps build the foundation of an organisational culture change that will improve performance and productivity.
  • I valued opening up dilemma coaching using GROW to a more holistic ‘series’ coaching. The coaching in between and completing the journals really helped. Overall the course was a valuable experience. Thank you.
  • I valued having time with others to talk about issues and enabling other people to talk through their issues and find their own solutions, or action points. Great course so far. Thanks!
  • I will apply the skills in my day to day life, work and personal. When completing projects, with the knowledge from this training, I will be able to gain far more detail than before, plus having the confidence to do so. Very valuable training sessions.
  • I valued the good use of AV materials, clarity regarding learning outcomes, clear framework to follow and good use of live coaching exercises. I will use the new knowledge within my workplace immediately.
  • I will apply this training in my workplace when meeting managers and unions, and having those all important discussions regarding employment issues/relations.
  • I really enjoyed the training days and they have added a tremendous amount to my knowledge of coaching. it is great to get feedback on skills to help to improve.
  • I have really enjoyed the course, learnt a lot about myself and coaching process. It’s the beginning of my journey.
  • I feel it is beginning to equip me with coaching skills which I could use as a manager. I have started to use some of the techniques. I could further use them in 1:1s and hopefully during meetings where appropriate.
  • The training will be very useful in my new role as a Group Manager. I will use these skills in every day communication as well as specific coaching sessions with my staff. A very balanced approach with useful practice sessions.
  • The trainer is a fantastic mentor, his knowledge, sharing skills keep you motivated throughout. This is a skill for life.
  • An excellent course, really mentally stimulating, exciting and positive. Can’t wait to practise more skills and inform people on coaching as a valuable asset. Thank you so much.
  • What I valued most was the practical experience – really felt the outcome of being more fluent was achieved. The practical demos from James were invaluable. Really good. Very inspirational.