MOE Foundation



The MOE Foundation was founded by Darren Robson in 2012, and its stated purpose is: “to support young people, to break the rules of the game and positively disrupt their life experience by providing them with a supportive network, development, coach training, mentoring and leadership/entrepreneurial initiatives. These young people then become community ambassadors and role models to others.”

Darren asked us to provide coach training to young people sponsored by organisations including Kidsco, Centrepoint, Action for Children and Foyer Federation. These youngsters have often been rescued from appalling backgrounds involving homelessness, crime, child abuse, gangland culture and drugs. They are typically aged between 18-25, at the point when they have largely overcome the difficulties created by their backgrounds and are ready to return to education, find a career or create businesses, both contributing to and benefiting from society. Darren saw that coach training would provide them with communication skills that might be lacking in someone who has grown up without good role models, as well as certification as a professional coach.


As MOE Trustees, Carol Wilson and James Wright designed a course along the same lines as the executive coach training we deliver on open courses and to our corporate clients, consisting of five days of training over approximately six weeks. The last day is for assessment and accreditation, and in between the two sessions are practise assignments both with other course participants and outside the course.


Since 2012, MOE has delivered several of our courses each year in London and Guernsey. MOE’s young clients have been joined by mentors and key workers from the organisations which sponsor them, in order to improve their own communication skills. We also launched a Coach Accelerator Programme, where any participants wishing to stay involved with the coach training aspect of MOE can join future courses in roles ranging from Mentors to Lead Trainers, depending on their skills and experience. Some participants go on to use coaching in their careers, particularly those who are helping others like themselves.

““Great Day, Great Coaches, Great Course!”

“Thank you so much to the staff.  You three are smashing”

“Start of my new life”

“It really wasn’t what I was expecting. Most training I’ve been on is very one way, but this was very interactive and hands-on. It’s really changed the way I talk and listen to people, and even though I’m not specifically planning to be a full time life coach, I find that my work relationships, both with colleagues and clients, have really improved. It’s amazing what these techniques and the practising with experts can help you achieve.”

“I enjoyed game and role play!”

“Amazing learnings – measurable and achievable.  I feel in control!”

“Thank you to the staff for a brilliant day”

“Feel like with everything learnt that I have stepped into a new life and a new positivity”

“Thank you to our coaching staff for a BRILLIANT learning day”

“I am inspired”

“I have really enjoyed this.  I can feel the learning is deep for me and continuing”

“Thank you!  I’m really enjoying all that I’m learning and look forward to putting it into real life”

“The quality and content of the course is truly beneficial and I will be recommending this to everyone I know”

“So far the tutors have been brilliant, they have explained everything clearly and using props to understand even easier”

“Very well organised day – great structure”

“There is a high level of interaction which is excellent and helps to bring out more ideas”

“It has been a lot to take in but has been delivered so good I think I absorbed most of it”

“Fantastic day, great facilitation, very informative and enjoyable”

“Learned a lot in one day. Very helpful course”