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Covid-19 Resilience Workshops

Covid-19 resilience workshops

During the Covid-19 lockdown, some workers are facing mental health crises in terms of extreme pressure and emotional stress on the front line, such as social care workers and medical staff, while others suffer anxiety while furloughed or working from home. Our Covid-19 Resilience Workshops are aimed at alleviating mental health issues through facilitated discussion and coaching, as well as providing some ‘silver bullets’ in terms of practical skills for carers, medical staff, or those dealing with conflict or feelings of isolation in their virtual workplace.

Practical skills for Covid-19 mental health and wellbeing

The workshops are specifically tailored to each individual clients’ needs to promote mental health wellbeing and a positive, solution-focused mindset. In addition, they deliver skills for immediate practical use in any difficult conversation or caring situation, such as bereavement or anxiety. They can be delivered over one day, half a day, or as a series of workshops, and by distance or face-to-face.

The content of each workshop  is specifically created to suit each group’s needs and can include:

  • Review of current challenges and achievements
  • Skills for supporting others in crisis
  • The Five Levels of Listening
  • Respecting boundaries: Permission Protocol
  • The WAIT model for critical conversations
  • The “Don’t Want – Do Want” model for resolving conflict
  • Skills to provide maximum levels of support where only minimum time is available
  • Being ‘present’ in bereavement situations
  • The solution-focused approach

People who will find the Covid-19 resilience workshops useful:

  • Managers leading virtual teams
  • Clinical staff including nurses and doctors
  • Anyone managing situations of conflict, bereavement, anxiety or stress, e.g. carers
  • HR staff
  • Workers who have to manage virtual communication
  • Coaches and therapists