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Coaching Train the Trainer

Coaching train the trainer
Newly qualified coach trainers at IKEA

We provide Coaching Train the Trainer programmes in-house for qualified and experienced coaches. The best way to learn is by attending coach training courses, watching and being mentored by our experienced trainers. After two or three such apprenticeships, experience at delivering coaching sessions, and some tailored workshops, talented trainers are able to deliver coach training courses internally.

In this way, organisations can grow and sustain a coaching culture, and build a cohort of internal coaches.

Course deliverables

Following accreditation on this course, participants will be able to:

  • Deliver coach training programmes in-house under licence as a qualified coach trainer
  • Enhance managers’ self awareness and enable them to tap into their innate resources and full potential as leaders
  • Increase managers’ efficiency and time organisation by improving delegation skills
  • Improve feedback skills
  • Improve team coaching and cohesion

Course structure

The programme consists of a series of training and assessment days, plus some apprentice and observation days, with mentoring/supervision and paired practice throughout.

The course culminates in assessment and accreditation. ILM certification is available.

A comprehensive workbook is provided for sustained learning and reference after the programme. A detailed, fully scripted delivery manual will be provided to maintain standards in the future.

Style of Learning

  • live coaching demonstrations by trainers
  • interactive practice by participants
  • a safe and fun learning environment
  • fast paced and challenging

Eligibility to attend this course

This course is designed for accredited  and practising coaches who are prepared to apply themselves to continuing professional development in the future and who have the ability to present to and engage participants.

Reviews for our Coaching Train the Trainer programmes

“By investing heavily in coach training for our teachers – and increasingly so for parents and students – and building a coaching philosophy across our school, we are now shifting our cultural outlook, enhancing collegiality and resilience. This has led to further innovation in the classroom and pastorally, particularly in the areas of assessment, feedback and restorative conversations, and greater cohesion in our school community.
The results from our 2017 staff survey were striking in terms of the positive upturn in teacher perceptions of their own learning and place within a learning community – 100% of our teachers stated that they enjoy coming to school each day.” – Dr Sarah Howling (Secondary Principal) with Maria Osowiecki and Jaime Thistleton (Vice Principals)

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ESF (English Schools Foundation), Hong Kong
IPF (International Personal Finance), Eastern Europe
KLASS (Alice Smith School) Kuala Lumpur