Worldwide Performance Coach Training for Leadership

CASE STUDY: Sheffield Museums

Team Building Day

We were asked to facilitate a team building day for a new Learning team, which was created after the merger of two teams. Each team had different ways of working and had worked largely independently of each other. Both teams were successful in their own areas and their members were creative, enthusiastic and able.

The day was aimed at helping the new team’s members to find ways of supporting each other to hit targets and goals,  and to work more closely across the team through activity and planning.

By the end of the day they wanted to feel they had got to know each other and to have developed some basic tools to help them work together effectively in a coaching culture.

We prepared a programme which included some new learning and some time for reflection and discussion. The agenda was:

  • EQ in leadership
  • Basic coaching skills especially focused on listening and permission
  • Coaching feedback
  • Group coaching
  • Self-limiting beliefs
  • Coaching practice
  • Planning ahead based on a GROW structure

The group went away with a jointly prepared action plan featuring goals and strategies. Individuals were clear about the part they would play and who would be responsible for carrying out the actions and monitoring the progress, so everyone felt that they had some ownership in the future plans.

“The day has helped my development”

“By giving me new techniques to promote team happiness”

“By giving me a forum to share ideas for improvement”

“In terms of basing my thinking on the solution not the problem”

“Personally with coaching skills; understand the concerns of the team as a whole”

“The coaching sessions were so useful and I will take these skills away and use them outside of work too”

“Picked up some coaching tips for line management”

The day has benefited our development as a team by:

“Getting to know each other and gain a shared vision”

“Sharing ideas/goals”

“Improving communication generally”

“Allowing us to get to know each other better and share in a safe and supported environment”

“Providing time for discussion”

“Really focusing us on what we want to achieve and how to get there”

“Focusing on how to move forward in the short and long term”

“Giving us a chance to realise that we all want the same thing, giving us the time to communicate”

“Bringing the whole team together to share ideas and the great enthusiasm of the team”

I can use the skills in these ways:

“Helping resolve issues with other team members”

“Improving communication between myself and colleagues and supporting whole group change”

“In personal and professional life”

“I will take these back to my team and we will look at ways to move forward”

“Line management and coaching my team”

“To help facilitate better communication in 1-2-1 sessions and plan future collaborative “projects”

“Work on the restructure/connection & strategy & embedding coaching as a great way of working”

“Listening; setting targets with team, team owning them”

The facilitator was:

“Very open to ideas”

“Very professional and inspiring”

“Encouraging and supportive. It felt very safe to contribute”

“Professional, friendly, created a relaxed atmosphere”


“The best!”

What significant benefits will there be for yourself and/or your organisation as a result of doing this day?

“Clearer vision for team and set goals”

“It has contributed to creating more of a team feeling”

“Greater team working and cohesion”

“Able to focus on short term goals to improve things fairly quickly”

“We all want to move in the same direction and we now all have an action that will benefit us all”

“New ways of thinking to move the L&K directorate and organisation as a whole forward during challenging times”

“Joined up, shared goal-focused team work on the restructure”

“Team has worked well together and has identified an aim for the future”

“Team will feel more united, shared bond, actions across team & teams, felt involved”