Worldwide Performance Coach Training for Leadership

CASE STUDY: Radnor House Independent School Twickenham

Team building day for the senior leadership team

To enhance awareness of self and others in day to day communications, including relationships with colleagues, governors, parents and pupils.

To enable 12 members of the senior leadership team to integrate coaching skills into their own school management styles.

A training course was designed to encourage the participants to identify their own key leadership strengths and how to tap into and maximize them.

Since some participants were naturally managing in a coaching style already, we were asked to create for them a deeper understanding of what they do and why it works, and identify areas to strengthen. Those who were managing in a more directive way were encouraged to understand and embed coaching skills, and how to achieve a balance of combining coaching with directive leadership.

The course provided skills and models to enhance efficiency, time organisation and strategic planning, and to improve the skills of delegation, feedback, team coaching and team building.