Worldwide Performance Coach Training for Leadership


Global Performance Coaching for Leadership
Virtual course

Established in 1974, IG is the world’s leading spread-betting and contract-for-difference provider, serving clients in 14 countries. We have been providing performance coach training courses to IG in the UK for several years, through our partnership with the Kent County Council’s South East Coaching & Mentoring Network. After the success of this face-to-face training, Anna Kopysiewicz, Talent & Organisational Development Manager at IG, wanted to roll the programme out to its local centres all over the world, but the cost would have been prohibitive.


We proposed a distance training programme delivered by webinar and based on the same “Performance Coaching for Leadership” courses which we had been delivering face-to-face to IG. Taking into account IG’s worldwide stretch, Anna agreed that our distance course would be the best option for its international training.

The program is designed to:

  • Certify participants as qualified ILM Endorsed coaches
  • Master foundation coaching skills
  • Embed coaching skills so that they are used fluently and become a natural part of the participant’s communication and leadership style
  • Encourage innovative thinking and decision-making in teams and individuals
  • Provide a model for effective and inspiring coaching feedback
  • Create a personal objective and action plan
  • Provide a structure with worksheets for delivering a coaching session and series of sessions
  • Enhance team building and relationships with reports, colleagues, superiors and customers
  • Create new relationships and encourage collaboration across departments and countries
  • Create a coaching culture

The training is delivered virtually, usually via Zoom, as a series of eight two-hour sessions, each a fortnight apart, followed by one day of assessments where the participants coach in pairs observed by our trainer. There is a maximum of 12 participants per course.

Our trainers are versed in special methods to avoid ‘Zoom fatigue’, keeping energy high through plenty of participation and break-out sessions for pairs or small groups.


The key to achieving great results is that between modules, participants pair up to practise co-coaching with each other, thereby growing familiar with the skills and implementing them naturally at work.


We are delivering several courses a year to IG participants from UK, USA, Poland, Czech Republic, South Africa, Spain, Singapore, Australia, and India.

The final standard of learning on them has at least equalled the results obtained through face-to-face training and, in some cases, the level of proficiency reached has exceeded it.

People loved the opportunity to interact with colleagues across the globe whom they might never have the opportunity to meet in person.

  • “During the practical assignments, I had an opportunity to interact with quite a few colleagues across the globe, whom I had never met before. Through coaching, I realised that people are the same everywhere, everyone carries their own fears. It has given me insight into how humans behave, and it is the same kind of challenges everyone faces, in their day to day activities. This helps you see the whole world as one global collaborative environment. Overall, it has been a life changing experience for me personally.” – Preethi Shankar, HR Manager, IG India.
  • “I really enjoyed and found useful to talk about leadership styles” – Agnieska Noworol, KYC Manager for IG EMEA.
  • “I like the content of the training, part of it was a reminder for me, part was new. Person leading the training encouraged participants to speak. It is not easy to conduct the meeting via Skype and keep participants involved. However it is not a case during our sessions, people are actively taking part in all discussions.” – Anita Latuszek, Compliance Team Lead, IG Poland.
  • “I enjoyed the participating nature of the course, it kept me engaged over the session and helped me to think about what was being discussed.” – Tom Brown, Head of Trading Services, IG Australia.
  • “Very easy content to digest. There is a world outside technical life.” – Shubham Dadel, Technical Manager, IG India