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CASE STUDY: Open Executive Coach Training Course

The Culture at Work Executive Coach Training Open Course

Our Open Executive Coach Training course attracts people from all sectors: managers sent by their organisations; consultants wishing to add coaching skills to their portfolio; therapists; and teachers.

One such participant, Headteacher Graham Silverthorne, joined our open Executive Coach Training Course in 2007. He wanted to qualify as a coach in order to bring a coaching culture into his school, Gordano Comprehensive, at Portishead. After graduating on our open course, Graham was sufficiently well-versed in coaching to arrange a coaching programme for his school. In order to demonstrate the value of coaching, he first requested coaches for five of his teachers. 

Once some enthusiasm for coaching had been awakened in the school, he arranged for us to deliver the Executive Coach Training course he had attended in-house, for a group of his teachers. This was followed up by several more courses, extending the coaching capability throughout the faculty. This led to the formation of the North Somerset Coaching Partnership, comprising members from local schools and government, where we delivered several more Executive Coach Training courses to teachers and members of local government.

Then Graham took up the post of Principal at South Island School in Hong Kong, part of the English Schools Foundation, which comprises 26 English speaking schools. He introduced executive coach training there and, over the next five years, changed the culture at ESF into a coaching culture. We delivered many Executive Coach Training courses there and a Train the Coach Trainer programme, enabling Graham and several other faculty members to deliver the course themselves. Click here to read the ESF case history.

Some of these trainers have moved to new positions as headteachers at other schools, resulting in coaching cultures being built in schools all over Asia, including Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Read the case history for Alice Smith School, Kuala Lumpur, and watch the video feedback from participants, here.

“It might seem an exaggerated claim, but a fairly serendipitous encounter and then a training programme with Carol completely altered the direction and focus of my professional life. What I learned with and from her allowed me to work with her team to develop revolutionary practice in a secondary educational context in the UK, and subsequently in Hong Kong. Conservatively, 400 trained teachers and countless children have benefited from a coaching approach to learning conversations, to professional development and to target setting. Coaching, training and leading as ‘Principal Coach’ has been the great joy of my last 15 years. It all began with Carol.” – Graham Silverthorne, Principal, South Island School, Hong Kong.”

For further details on attending the course visit our Executive Coach Training page.