Worldwide Performance Coach Training for Leadership

CASE STUDY: England Rugby (RFU)

business coach training at England Rugby RFUPerformance Coaching for Leadership Training Course

England Rugby is committed to ongoing development of its leadership capability. The organisation is currently supporting its leaders by developing their performance coaching skills. Leaders from across the breadth of the organisation, including qualified sports coaches, are working to become ILM endorsed coaches, so the business required an ILM accredited provider to deliver the training.


We provided a five day ILM Accredited Performance Course spread over a period of three months, led by our Head of Training, James Wright, a qualified sports and executive coach with an MSc in Sports Psychology.

The training is delivered in modules of 2 days + 2 days + 1 day, in between which participants are paired to practise with each other. This provides a safe space for them to embed the skills before putting them into place at work, like learning to ride a bike before taking it out on the road.


We are delivering an average of two courses a year. Applicants gain ILM Endorsed accreditation as professional performance coaches, and one is going on to attain a Level 7 qualification.

Read a case study of a GROW Generative Thinking Meeting by Rob Lees, Premium Sales Manager at England Rugby: Generative Thinking Case Study England Rugby.


  •  “Before completing this course I would have considered myself as someone with good coaching skills. This programme has raised my self-awareness and has given me a number of techniques I can use in my ongoing coaching. It has been thought provoking and very good for my coaching and coaching mind-set.” – Patrick McMaster, Senior L&D Partner. England Rugby.
  • “The depth of the course was great and gives hope for real behavioural change across our organisation. Speaking personally, despite having attended a number of business coaching courses during my career, there were some significant learnings from the Culture at Work course which have improved my coaching and leadership skills; whether it be quotes that resonated with me that I draw on in my day to day work, improved awareness of listening skills, importance of belief and trust in your coachee or the concept of detachment. This has all contributed to me being a more capable coach – inside and outside work!” – Lucinda Pullinger, HR Director, England Rugby
  • “I thought the course was brilliant and other colleagues have said they thoroughly enjoyed it and they are keen to continue using their coaching skills across the business.” – Catherine Parsons, Learning and Talent Advisor at England Rugby.
  • “The best course I have completed. It has really transformed my outlook.” – Rory Price – Senior Project Manager, England Rugby.
  • “Really helpful content and good to draw out the issues.  Well structured” – Angus Bujalski, Legal and Governance Director, England Rugby.
  • “Great content, the course has already made me reflect on my management style and how to improve coaching” – Mark Lynch, Venue Director, England Rugby.
  • “An excellent course that has made me self-aware of taking a coaching approach as well as reflecting how I could approach things better. The key benefit is putting into action the leadership behaviour of coach throughout life. Receiving coaching has made me clear on new ways forward that will make a big impact.” – Alex Thompson – Club Management and Governance Manager, England Rugby.
  • “Very valuable for my leadership development, and a thoroughly enjoyable experience which will impact on my work at the organisation more widely.” – Mike Barnett – Area Manager, England Rugby.
  • “Brilliant afternoon session and practice. James is so good and I could listen to him for hours.” – Paula Grant, HR Director, England Rugby.
  • Enjoyed the flow of the four days. Really enjoyed today.  Open, honest and feedback based on some ‘real’ examples.” – Don Barrell, Head of Regional Academies and Pathway, England Rugby
  • “It was an excellent session and James was as good as ever in leading it.” – Mark Saltmarsh, Player Pipeline Manager, England Rugby.