Worldwide Performance Coach Training for Leadership

CASE STUDY: Hounslow & Richmond Health Care NHS Trust

The Coaching & Mentoring Course

Hounslow & Richmond Healthcare wanted a coaching course to train new internal coaches and to refresh the skills of those who had trained before, and to enhance the coaching culture at the Trust.

We provided our signature coaching and mentoring course, delivered over six on-line sessions, followed by practical assessments where participants delivered GROW sessions to each other observed by our trainer.

The course was highly interactive and practical. Topics covered included foundation coaching skills, the GROW model, our models for Permission Protocol and Coaching Feedback, our team-building framework for Generative Thinking Meetings, plus coaching structure and worksheets. Accreditation took the form of ILM Endorsed Certificates.

In order to embed the learning, participants were paired to practise with each other between the training sessions.

An 80-page manual was provided with full details of the training for reference after the course.

Comments from the participants were very positive:

“The training materials, guidance and practice opportunities with my course partners and coachee have massively benefited my personal awareness and approach to everyday conversations, and I’ll definitely make reference to these to develop my coaching skills further. The GROW Diamond I find a fantastic tool and cannot wait to introduce the Generative Thinking Meeting Guidelines into my upcoming project working groups. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity of this course and all its taught me in such an engaging, encouraging, motivating way!” – Jessica Pomroy, Workforce Projects Officer Kingston Hospital.

“I really enjoyed the experience of the course. It was very helpful to see James coaching people in the webinars and then practice the approaches in our coaching sessions. I found working with a regular partner and other “ad hoc” individuals to be beneficial, as it was a useful introduction to working with a range of people.  The variety and frequency of practice helped me to work in the “here and now” on each occasion and exploring the issues that the clients wanted to discuss, regardless of what they were.” – Chris Baldwin, Human Resources Business Partner.

“I learnt about GROW model and will be using it in my everyday life. The GROW model has help me slow down with my quick to jump in to answer or solve a problem for the other person.  I found remaining silent a challenge as I have always felt uncomfortable with silences (short or long).  In doing this coaching course it has made me realise it is ok to remain silent and not to feel awkward with not speaking or silences.  (I even practiced this technique whilst on holiday with my friend, as I would normally talk for the sake of not having any silences). I really enjoyed this course with James and would have liked to have more sessions with him.  I know by doing this course has helped my confidence and I have started to be more inclined to hold back and feel its ok to say nothing when things go quiet.” – Cathy Heneghan, Recruitment & Retention Business Partner.

“The final sessions with James I found extremely useful. Sticking with G and R and not rushing into options was useful and something I will do in future. The idea of detachment is something that has stuck with me and something that I will try to do as much as I can to remember this. I also really enjoyed the session on ‘Generative meetings’ and bringing a coaching style to meetings will have such a big impact. It is something I plan to implement in my meetings.”  – Catherine Plover, HR Business Partner.

“The course has been a huge window to the potential of coaching, and it has been such a pleasure to be part of it and enjoy the moments shared across all members in the group. Coaching also has a place at home (family and friends). My young daughter has said, “this is great dad, I like this!” where I’ve introduced aspects to her (e.g., how she manages issues at clubs and more recently school). It been incredibly rewarding to be part of the course. Personal thanks to James for showing us in such a fabulous way how it can be mastered.” – Ben Homer, Assistant Director of Strategy & Transformation.

“I have learnt so much from this programme. I gained more knowledge about coaching and how effective it can be towards people’s development.” – Uzochukwu Umemezie, Engagement and Wellbeing Manager.

 “I have learnt a great deal from this course on how to deliver coaching and mentoring sessions to different people. I am looking forward to implementing this and putting this into action with my patients and staff within my work organisation. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to enrol onto this course and complete in full.”- Lavina Ramlingam, Stop Smoking Specialist.