Worldwide Performance Coach Training for Leadership

North Somerset Coaching Partnership

North Somerset Coaching Partnership
(Comprises North Somerset schools and government offices)

Performance Coaching for Leadership Accredited Executive Coach Training:


Inspired by the programme being created at Gordano School, Jenny Fennell, an Education Improvement Adviser, arranged for us to train and accredit 20 Heads and Deputy Heads from North Somerset Primary Schools.


The participants wished to become fluent coaches, to become accredited, and to use the skills to create a coaching culture within their Primary Schools.


All 20 participants were given live assessments by our assessors. All passed and are in the process of completing the accreditation process.

Comments from Course Participants:

“A huge thank you for setting up and delivering the inspiring coaching course. People who attended the training have been keen to praise the course and are delighted with what they have got out of the experience and are keen to use the skills in their teams. I do believe that the impact will be in empowering more people to have an even greater sense of being able to influence not only the lives of young people but their own lives as well”

Jenny Fennell, Education Adviser

“The best course I have attended – huge potential for personal development and the development of the school.”

Carole Sharp

“We are developing as a coaching school and the course was spot on”.

Lis Jeffery, Headteacher

“This has been one of the most useful courses I have ever taken part in.”

Lyn Hunt, Headteacher

“This has been the most valuable training I have received in my 6 year career- but has also had a profound influence on my personal life too. The facilitators were inspiring, motivating, challenging, fun and adaptive. Thank you so much!”

Kerry Evans, Primary Teacher

“I feel more confident about supporting staff who have particular issues that ‘lock’ their ideas. Thank you for enabling me to understand and unpick another way of helping people find their own answers”

Lynne Yelland, Headteacher

“The facilitators were real experts who guided my development without ever preaching. Thank you so much for a great set of training.”

Peter Turner, Primary Headteacher

“The facilitators were excellent; great mix of humour, information-sharing combined with great modelling.”

Lisa Dadds

“The manual was well structured and helpful. I also found Carol Wilson’s book very readable. I hope to convey the coaching ethos to all staff, parents and pupils. A huge thank you – it was an excellent course which has left me even more certain that coaching is an area I would like to expand into.”

Jacky Kerly, Deputy Head