Worldwide Performance Coach Training for Leadership

IPF (International Personal Finance) Cross-Cultural Coach Training and Coaching Train-the-Trainer

Cross-cultural coach training for IPF participants from Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Mexico, Hungary and SlovakiaTrain the Coach Trainer at IPF


IPF has a hierarchical structure of management supervising sales reps in the field.  IPF wished to:

  • train their Learning & Development trainers to deliver a two day coaching skills course to managers in their local languages of Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Romanian and Spanish
  • enhance managers’ skills at motivating their teams
  • integrate coaching skills into the managers’ everyday management style.
  • improve the skills of managers in providing feedback


We designed a blended learning programme over an extended period of time, to ensure that coaching skills were embedded, and that participants were proficient in the coaching style of training. None of the participants were native English speakers, and as they came from six different countries the only common language was English. The focus was on cross-cultural coach training: the  trainers ensured that they spoke slowly and clearly and allocated time to discuss cross cultural issues.

  • Two days of coaching skills training, with emphasis on feedback skills, for 30 L&D trainers on a Performance Coach Management Course.
  • Three days training for the IPF trainers on our Coaching Train-the-Trainer Course, where they learned to deliver the two-day Performance Coach Management course.
  • Six conference calls for further cross cultural coach training.
  • Two follow-up days of training.
  • Participants were paired to practise face to face and by phone in between sessions.
  • Assessment and accreditation for the managers on the Coaching Train-the-Trainer course, comprising:
    • 20 minutes live coach training assessment;
    • 300 word case history;
    • evidence of having a regular coach mentor/supervisor.
  • One to one external coaches were provided as required.


All participants passed their assessments and are now delivering the two-day Performance Coach Management courses in their own languages throughout Eastern Europe, the UK and Mexico.

 “Highly skilled trainers who bond very well with both our stakeholders and participants. It is a very practical train-the-trainer experience. The training provided an enjoyable experience to all participants by finding the right balance between theory and practice, safe environment and challenge, enough time to practise and stretch assignments, plus it satisfied stakeholder expectation of putting down a high quality standard and assessment. Our target audience was lower middle and middle management. Some markets tested the coaching training on senior management as well, and it worked perfectly.” – Gabriella Palotai, Head of Learning and Development, International Personal Finance, UK

“Perfect! My most valuable takeaways are GROW model, EXACT model, the Five Levels of Listening and the Feedback model, and that I can use these skills to coach myself.” – course participant.