Train The Coach Trainer

New Coach Trainers accredited on the IKEA Train the Coach Trainer Course, in conjunction with

New Coach Trainers accredited on the IKEA Train the Coach Trainer Course, in conjunction with Performance Consultants International.

We provide train the trainer in-house programs that are based on the late Sir John Whitmore’s best-selling, time honoured, “Coaching for Performance” and Carol Wilson’s “Performance Coaching: a Complete Guide to Best Practice Coaching and Training”. These programs are designed for your trainers to learn how to train your managers in our Coaching Skills for Leaders course.


Following accreditation on the course participants will be able to:

  • Deliver the two day ‘Coaching Skills for Leaders’  programme in house
  • Enhance your executives’ self awareness and enable them to tap into their innate resources and full potential as leaders
  • Increase managers’ efficiency and time organisation by improving delegation skills
  • Improve feedback skills
  • Improve team coaching and cohesion


Our  Train the Coach Trainer programme consists of 8 training and assessment days and 2 apprentice and observation days, with mentoring/supervision and paired coaching practice throughout, culminating in assessment and accreditation. A comprehensive workbook will be provided for sustained learning and reference after the programme. A detailed, fully scripted trainers’ manual will be provided to maintain standards in the future.

Style of Learning

  • live demonstrations by trainers
  • interactive practice by participants
  • a safe and fun learning environment
  • fast paced and challenging


This course is designed for accredited  and practising coaches who have delivered at least 100 hours of one-to-one coaching, and who are prepared to apply themselves to continuing professional development in the future.

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