Tools of the Trade

Participants from Kent County Council’s South East Coaching & Mentoring Network on ‘Tools of the Trade’

Participants from Kent County Council’s South East Coaching & Mentoring Network on ‘Tools of the Trade’

In order to respond to the many and varied situations which arise during the practice of executive coaching this advanced workshop has been designed to provide experienced coaches with a range of additional tools and models to draw upon. Some are more suitable for use in formal coaching sessions and others for manager as coach.

The style of the training is highly interactive. Participants will have plenty of co-coaching opportunities to practise working with the tools, to discuss best practice issues, the use of the tools, and to ask questions.

Participants receive a manual with a summary of each tool. The course is designed by Carol Wilson and inspired by the series of over 50 articles which Carol wrote for her monthly column in Training Journal entitled ‘Tools of the Trade’.

If you are looking to enhance your skills and having difficulty choosing which course to attend next, this is an excellent way of finding out by experience which training will be most useful for you to pursue, and congruent with your style of learning and delivery.

This course is currently run as an in house option only, not as an open course.


The training starts with a brief refresher on foundation skills, after which 1 – 1½ hours is given to each tool (tools may vary from course to course):

  • Leadership archetypes
  • VAK modalities
  • Perceptual positions
  • Values questionnaire
  • Spatial goals
  • EXACT goal setting
  • Change curve
  • Trust
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Mindfulness
  • OK Corral
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Team development
  • Coaching skills review
  • Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment


2 days over 4-6 weeks with paired practice in between to embed the learning.

Style of Learning

  • live demonstrations by trainers
  • interactive practice by participants
  • a safe and fun learning environment
  • fast paced and challenging

Contact us to bring this course into your workplace.