The Neuroscience of Emotional Intelligence

Developed and delivered by Dr Clara Seeger, BA (hons), M.A., M.Phil, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Mindfulness, Neuroscience & Mental Balance Coach
Author of “Mindfulness at Work”

The Neuroscience of Emotional Intelligence workshop uses Dr Martyn Newman’s Emotional Capital Report to enable participants to explore their emotional intelligence and gain new insights, underpinned by recent advancements in neuroscience. It also provides coaching neuroscience tools for coaches to use with their clients. A multi-linguist, Dr Seeger can deliver coaching and training in English, German and Greek.

The workshop can be delivered over one or two days, and is  designed and led by neuroscience coach Dr Clara Seeger. An expert in emotional intelligence, mindfulness and neuroscience in coaching, Dr Seeger has an MSc in Neuroscience from Kings College, London. The workshop  provides an overview of the Emotional Capital Report created by Dr Martyn Newman (Roche Martin), and its ten competencies. Participants explore Self-knowing, Self-control, Optimism and Empathy in detail, examining for each topic a definition, neuroscientific underpinnings, key components and how to recognise them. Participants are given time for self-exploration. If they are coaches, they gain insight through coaching each other on the respective competencies.

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