Our Purpose

We believe that coaching skills can enhance all areas of life, not only leadership in organisations, but the greater contexts of personal relationships, inter-country politics, cross-cultural communication, the rehabilitation of offenders and the education of children and adults.

We are committed to spreading the benefits of coaching to as wide an audience as possible, regardless of people’s ability to pay. We undertake this in the following ways:

For Organisations

We deliver Coaching Culture Strategy programmes and ILM accredited Coaching and Mentoring training to organisations through 33 countries and in all main business languages, and to public sector organisations in the UK. We are particularly keen to support the NHS and proud to be working at C-Suite, director and consultant level with five main hospital trusts.

For Individuals

We provide ILM accredited coach training in London twice a year in the form of open courses which anyone may attend. The training supplies not only a marketable skill in the form of an ILM coaching and mentoring certificate, but provides opportunities for reflection, greater awareness of self and others, and help in deciding to move forward, through the plentiful practical coaching sessions which every participant undertakes. We provide scholarship places to those in need, for example the unemployed. No-one is ever turned away because they are unable to pay.

For Charity

Coaching skills possibly make the greatest difference to people who have led challenging lives, who may have been homeless or convicted as offenders, or are lacking role models in behaviour and communication. But historically these are the people least likely to gain access to coach training. We provide free training and trainers to more of these people every year through:

1. MOE Foundation: MOE provides several coach training course a year, for which we provide courses and trainers free of charge. We also support the Coach Accelerator Programme at MOE, where trainees who have qualified on the coach training programmes can deepen their skills by assisting on future courses, or even become fully capable coach trainers on their own. One of these is Jeffrey Wotherspoon, a student on the first MOE course, and now member of our advisory panel, delivering professional coaching and training to a variety of clients.

“Carol Wilson has literally been a life changing mentor to me! I met her on her free coaching course. She was friendly, curious and encouraging and, as a result, I felt comfortable enough to talk to her about my aspirations. Carol affirmed me, gave me great tips and most importantly opportunities and exposure. This has now led to me being self-employed and making money I’m proud of as a Coach and Trainer. As a mentor Carol is consistent in her commitment to me. Whenever I call upon her for advice or a business opportunity she can support me with, she has always been happy and willing to help. Being as candid as possible, without Carol’s help I wouldn’t have achieved my career goals and couldn’t support others as effectively as I can now.” – Jeffrey Wotherspoon, Coach, Trainer and Conflict Resolution Specialist  

2. The African Prisons Project: The APP funds cohorts of African prison governors to spend several months gaining training and experience in the UK. As part of the programme we train them both in coaching skills and as coach trainers themselves, so that they can take the skills back and spread the coaching approach throughout the prison systems in Africa.

“It is with great pleasure that I bring you the best regards of all our returned cohorts of secondees, whom I’ve had the chance to meet with over the past weeks during my time in East Africa. Visiting their institutions and collecting their testimonies has once again highlighted the high value of the coaching trainings you have delivered: thank you for the precious contribution to our projects, I look forward to working with you on future Secondments. As I believe you know, all the officers collectively reported that the coaching training was an indisputable highlight of the Programme and that it really made a difference.” – Matteo Cassini, UK Learning Journey Officer, African Prisons Project