Nectar Loyalty – Executive Coaching Course

Coaching and Emotional Intelligence Course

Nectar Loyalty had already undertaken in-house ILM Level executive coaching courses. They wished to train certain members of staff in more depth, to qualify fully in Executive coaching skills and heighten EQ – Emotional lntelligence – at work.


We provided our signature five day ILM accredited executive coaching course, spread over a period of six weeks. The training was delivered in modules of 3 days + 2 days, in between which participants were paired to practise with each other. This provided a safe space for them to embed the skills before putting them into place at work, like learning to ride a bike before taking it out on the road.


All the participants passed and became fully qualified ILM coaches. A recurring theme throughout the training was that they were very appreciative of the practical aspects that this course offered, as it made them feel confident to begin using these skills in the workplace.


“This course was very engaging, with interesting content, and built everyone’s confidence in their ability to have coaching conversations around the business. “ – Maddy Scott – Organisational Behaviour & Development Manager

“I enjoyed the more EQ focus rather than the focus on models I have seen in previous training. I have found this course more accessible and enjoyable than the ILM 1/ILM 3 I attended previously.” – Paul Lenaghan, Marketing Services Director

“Great pace.  Very clear to understand”  – Emilie Diop, Rewards Manager

“Really positive – much less pressurized and better than previous coaching course. It’s really been fantastic with the level of practice and feedback we’ve been offered alongside the theory. My confidence has really improved.” – Ellie Haralampous, Client Manager

“Relevant to coaching and management work. Appreciated the flexibility in approach.  Very supportive.”

“James is very open, approachable and sets a good tone. Useful content and well structured. Good balance between practice, ‘teaching’ and group examples. Great content – very helpful and a great way to become more confident and adept at coaching.” – Liz Higgins, Commercial and Strategy Director

“Very relevant content and awesome explanation. James makes the training very exciting and motivating” – Pedro Ramos, Snr Planning Executive

“I think this course is fantastic – It’s exceeded my expectations” – Sarah House-Barklie. Head of HR, Facilities and Internal Communications

“An engaging and motivational course. Very empowering and confidence building.” –  Hilary Dyer,  Media Buying Manager

“It was great ! My goal was to get passion back for coaching and I certainly have! Thank you!”


ILM coaching and mentoring training  ILM coaching and mentoring trainingILM coaching and mentoring training
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