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Culture at Work is a sponsor of MOE Foundationmoe-logo, a charity providing coaching and mentoring to defeat the conditions that create a poverty mindset in society by stimulating conscious, purposeful entrepreneurial spirit in the current and future global generations. MOE actively seeks to support young people, to break the rules of the game and positively disrupt their life experience by providing them with a supportive network, training, development, coaching, mentoring and leadership/entrepreneurial support.

See the young leaders and mentors trained on a MOE course talking about their experiences:

And another graduate, Russelle Williams:,-21-stories/#.WmSe_qhl9PY
This red-nosed band of qualified coaches all trained through our MOE coach training programme and donated free coaching sessions for Red Nose Day.

Red Noses

How you can help:
We need venues for 25 people in Central London for future MOE coach training courses. If you can provide a venue free of charge you will be featured as a MOE sponsor. Previous generous venue providers include Citibank and Rio Tinto.

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GoodPeople Connect

By placing coaching at the centre of our company, we find that both our employees and candidates are getting more out of our service.

We send our staff on MOE Coach Training courses. This means they’re equipped to support our clients and candidates with their goals- whether that’s finding work in Southwark after being unemployed for a long time, or whether it’s helping them assess what kind of employment is right for them. Our staff want to give tailored, personal support that is designed to boost confidence and motivation, and coaching techniques are ideal for this.

Farrah Kelly, our Marketing and Communications Officer, went on the training in February:

“It really wasn’t what I was expecting. Most training I’ve been on is very one way, but this was very interactive and hands-on. It’s really changed the way I talk and listen to people, and even though I’m not specifically planning to be a full time life coach, I find that my work relationships, both with colleagues and clients, has really improved. It’s amazing what these techniques and the practising with experts can help you achieve.”

We really value the practical approach MOE takes, meaning our staff are building on their coaching experience from the first day of their coaching- which is why everyone from our CEO to our newest recruits are encouraged to take part. This coaching culture seeps through our business, and gives us the skills and confidence to give bespoke support to the people we work with.”