The Performance Coaching for Leadership Executive Coach Training Course

Our ILM Certified Open Performance Coach Training course includes everything required to become an executive coach, whether internal or external, as well as enabling participants to become authentic coaching managers. This executive coach training is based on the late Sir John Whitmore’s GROW model, incorporating Tim Gallwey’s “Inner Game” principles, and benefiting from Carol Wilson’s experience in her long career as a corporate MD and board director in industry, including ten years at board level with legendary coach Sir Richard Branson.
ILM distance coach training course
Participants receive the credential CfPAC (Coaching for Performance  Accredited Coach) in recognition of Sir John’s contribution to the design of the programme. As an ILM Centre, we are also able to supply ILM Endorsed, Level 5, Level 7 and Diploma accreditation certificates for this course.

Sir John Whitmore and the GROW modelSir John Whitmore | Executive Coach Training | The GROW model

Sir John Whitmore (1937-2017) introduced coaching to the world in the early 1980s, with his best-selling book, “Coaching for Performance”, which has now sold over a million copies in 20 languages. Co-creator of the GROW model, he provided the structure on which performance coaching, and all other coaching models, are based. Having developed the techniques from Tim Gallwey’s “Inner Game” techniques in sports coaching, Sir John devised the name ‘performance coaching’ to differentiate the self-directed learning process from standard sports coaching methods of ‘tell’ and ‘correct’.

In 2005, after many years of creating corporate coaching programmes, John started working with Carol Wilson to develop executive coach training courses that were open to the public. Carol and John designed and led the first of these courses together, and they have continued to be delivered by our trainers every year since then.

GROW model

The Performance Coach Training Course is:

  • Designed by coaches for coaches
  • Structured to be practical, embed the skills for the long term and use participants’ time efficiently
  • Uses best practices refined and shaped by the feedback of hundreds of attendees
  • Based on the proven methods such as the GROW model, and the use of unique and novel learning techniques
  • Designed by former Virgin Managing Director, Carol Wilson, and coaching pioneer Sir John Whitmore.

Performance Coach Training Course Structure:

  • Three days + two days of executive coach training, four to six weeks apart
  • Practise assignments in between training modules
  • The final day consists of individual oral assessments

Performance Coach Training Course Deliverables:

  • Coaching skills: listening, questioning, clarifying
  • Permission Protocol
  • The coaching-mentoring-managing continuumAccredited Coach Training
  • Goal setting
  • Strategic action planning
  • The GROW model
  • Manager-as-coach
  • Managing a coaching business
  • Best practice in coaching
  • Coaching supervision
  • Self limiting beliefsILM accredited coach training course
  • Reference manual
  • Worksheets for coach, client and assessment
  • A choice of our own Coaching for Performance Accredited Coach (CfPAC) Certificate, ILM Endorsed, Level 5 or 7 Certificate, or Level 5 or 7 Diploma

Free membership of the Association for Coaching

Association for Coaching Accredited Coach Training

As well as becoming an accredited coach, every participant on our courses receives 12 months’

membership of the Association for Coaching  as an integral part of the course, free of charge.

This provides access to the wealth of information and support that is available from the Association for Coaching, an invaluable benefit to those embarking on a career as a coach, or looking to improve their leadership skills.

Membership benefits are the equivalent of the Association’s individual Associate level, listed here

Our approach to performance coach training

Sir John Whitmore at the Open Executive Performance Coach Training Course

Sir John Whitmore with Carol Wilson at our Open Executive Performance Coach Training Course

The style of our performance coach training is ‘learning by doing’. It is a very practical approach to executive coach training, in which participants have the opportunity to practise coaching about real issues and to get feedback from our trainers and each other.

The course is divided into two modules. Between the two modules, participants are paired with a coaching partner from the course, in order to practise their skills in a safe setting. This builds confidence and fluency, enabling participants to embed the new skills and use them fluently after the course is over.

ILM Certified Coach Levels ILM distance coach training, ILM Level 5, ILM Level 7. ILM Diploma

We are an ILM Centre approved to deliver this course at ILM Endorsed, ILM Level 5, ILM Level 7 and ILM Diploma. The ILM is the leading  UK  awarding body for general and specialist management qualifications. It is the leadership arm of City & Guilds, which awards NVQ qualifications, and its awards are internationally recognised.

Only long-standing ILM Centres like ourselves are eligible to deliver the ILM Endorsed certificate, which fully qualifies you as a professional coach or manager-as-coach, without the onerous essay writing involved in Levels 5 and 7 ILM Certificates, and at less expense. This is a qualification for people who want to know simply that they can coach efficiently and have an ILM certificate as a proven credential. This certification requires an oral examination and the only written work required is a short coaching log and a case history of less than 1000 words.

Our own CfPAC certification is included in the cost of the course. For details of the different types of certification click here

Performance Coach Training Course Credentials Accredited coach training

Our coaching principles are based on the late Sir John Whitmore’s time honoured, “Coaching for Performance” and Carol Wilson’s “Performance Coaching: A Complete Guide to Best Practice Coaching and Training” (Kogan Page 2014), which draws on her 25 years’ experience as a corporate MD and Board Director, 10 of them reporting directly to Sir Richard Branson, famous for his coaching style of management. This is reflected in the accreditation for this course: CfPAC (Coaching for Performance Accredited Coach). For more details see Sir John Whitmore and Carol Wilson.

As well as the ILM, the Performance Coach Training course is accredited by the Association for Coaching and recognised by Portsmouth University Business School.

People who would benefit from Performance Coach Training:

  • Managers at all levels in the workplace
  • Executives and independent practitioners wishing to become a coach
  • Learning and Development Heads
  • HR Executives
  • Consultants wishing to enhance their coaching skills or add coaching to their portfolio
  • People wishing to coach in any area: coaching skills are fundamental and as well as being useful in organisations can be applied to any field, eg personal, health, fitness, education, finance and running a small business.

Executive Coach Training Course dates 2021

If face-to-face training is not possible due to social distancing restrictions, the course will take place on the same dates virtually on Zoom.

Module 1: March 4-6
Module 2: April 30/May 1st

Module 1: 16-18 September
Module 2: 12-13 November

Face-to-face training times: 9.00 am – 5.30 pm
Zoom training times: 9.00 am – 4 pm

Course venue – Linden House – Hammersmith, London, W6 9TA

coaching course venue

Linden House, Hammersmith

Linden House is a Grade II listed Georgian riverside venue that stands on the North Bank of the River Thames between Hammersmith and Chiswick. The training is delivered in The Commodore’s Room, a light and airy room with fabulous views of the Thames (the three windows on the first floor in the top left of the photo).This historic house is also the clubhouse for the London Corinthian Sailing Club and the Sons of the Thames Rowing Club.

If Covid restrictions are in place, the course will be delivered virtually via Zoom on the advertised dates.

For further information email us or call  020 7022 4923.


Certification            Professional Title Fee
Culture at Work  Certificate Coaching for Performance Accredited Coach (CfPAC) £2295+VAT
ILM Endorsed Certificate ILM Endorsed Accredited Coach £2394+VAT
ILM Level 5 Certificate ILM Accredited Coach (Level 5) Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring
ILM Level 5 Diploma ILM Accredited Coach (Level 5 Diploma) Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring
ILM Level 7 Certificate ILM Accredited Coach (Level 7) Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring
ILM Level 7 Diploma ILM Accredited Coach (Level 7 Diploma) Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring

VAT concession: Individuals and small business owners not registered for VAT can pay a reduced rate  including VAT. This concession is awarded at our discretion and does not apply to applicants sponsored by their organisations. To find out if you are eligible please email us.

Scholarships: In cases of hardship, for example unemployed or low-paid candidates,  we occasionally award scholarship or reduced price places. Please email us to arrange for a phone interview if you believe you may be eligible for this.

Reductions for block bookings: There is a reduction of £230+VAT per booking for block bookings (two or more participants).

For further information or to book a place on this course, email us or call  020 7022 4923.

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 For further information email us or call  020 7022 4923.

 For further information email us or call  020 7022 4923.