Global Manager-as-Coach Training

Culture at Work supplies global manager-as-coach training and leadership programmes anywhere in the world in all main business languages including French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Russian, Czech, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and Greek. We are currently or have recently delivered programmes in East and West Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Africa, the Philippines, India, Australia, the Middle East, North and South America and Canada.

We are experts in cross-cultural coaching and often find that the groups of managers we work with are from several different countries. Where the common language is English we can provide a trainer who is adept at speaking clearly and checking that everyone has understood each phase of the training. We can also provide training in the local language of the participants, or train your in-house trainers to deliver manager-as-coach training in their local language. See an example of how we did this for International Personal Finance here.

For the last eight years, we have provided comprehensive global manager-as-coach training programmes to PMI (Philip Morris International) and Hilti, the multi-national tools company, as well as programmes, workshops and conference speakers to  organisations all over the world.

In our experience, the language of coaching transcends cultural barriers. Whatever their nationality, culture or area of work, when people speak ‘coaching’ they become more open, supportive, inclusive, and stronger leaders.

Read more case histories here, and email us, or call  020 7022 4923, to discuss your own global coaching requirements.


global manager-as-coach training team

Members of our multi-lingual global manager-as-coach training team

Global manager-as-coach training team

Members of our multi-lingual global manager-as-coach training team

Coach Training in French

Several members of our training team deliver proficiently in French. To read two examples of case histories about coach training in French click here:

Coach Training in French case history

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