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Carol Wilson has published over 60 articles about coaching culture strategy, coaching techniques and coach training. You are welcome to download the articles below free of charge, and please email us to receive the further articles listed lower down on this page.

Email us on to receive a PDF of the articles below. Most of the topics are covered in Carol’s booksPerformance Coaching: a Complete Guide to Best Practice Coaching and Training” (Kogan Page 2014) and “The Work and Life of David Grove: Clean Language & Emergent Knowledge”

Bruce Tuckman’s Forming, Storming, Norming & Performing Team Development Model
The Change Curve
Appreciative Enquiry
360 Degree Feedback
Cultural Transformation Tools
Transactional Analysis
Clean Language
Reuven Bar-On
Introduction to NLP
Emergent Knowledge
Perceptual Positions
Systemic Coaching
Johari Window
Thomas Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument
Team Roles in Cross-Cultural Leadership
Kolb Learning Styles
Nancy Kine’s Thinking Environment
Belbin Team Roles
Transpersonal Coaching
History & Principles of Coaching
Coaching in Leadership
Setting Actions
Reviewing Actions
Structure of Coaching
Coaching Supervision – a Workplace Perspective
Coaching in Practice
Developing Workplace Coaches
Six Degrees of Freedom: Intuitive Problem Solving with Emergent Knowledge.
Effectiveness of Coaching in Work Life Balance