Coaching Skills for Leaders

  • Designed by business people for business people
  • Structured to be practical, embed the skills for the long term and use managers’ time efficiently
  • Uses best practices refined and shaped by the feedback of thousands of corporate participants
  • Based on the proven methods and use of unique and novel learning techniques
Carol Wilson with NCR's Global Learning Director, John Newton, after the design and global roll out of a sales performance coaching programme incorporating the Performance Coach Training for Leadership Module 1: Coaching Skills for Leaders course, which is Recognised by the ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management).

Carol Wilson with NCR’s Global Learning Director, John Newton, after the design and global roll out of a sales performance coaching programme incorporating the Coaching Skills for Leaders

Coaching Skills for Leaders is a three day course, spread over 4-8 weeks, designed to enable your leaders to get the best from themselves and their teams.

The course allows participants to explore their leadership capabilities, build on their natural strengths and improve their leadership performance through the development of their EQ (Emotional Intelligence).

Leadership performance: developing EQ (Emotional Intelligence) EQ is very different to IQ. While IQ focuses on intellect, Emotional Intelligence is about our ability to get on with others and build relationships – an essential component of good leadership. It is estimated that the most successful CEOs and Directors are a combination of 85% EQ and 15% IQ.

leadership_eqEQ is the foundation stone of coaching. Our programmes allow your leaders to develop their EQ and unlock their true leadership potential. As EQ develops, managers demonstrate a noticeable change in their leadership behaviour and performance, in turn impacting on the behaviour and performance of their teams.


Our approach to coach training The style of our coach training is ‘learning by doing’. It’s a very practical approach in which leaders have the opportunity to practise coaching about issues arising in their workplace and to get feedback from our trainers and each other.

The course is purposely divided into two modules. Between the two modules, participants are paired with a coaching partner from the course, in order to practise their skills in a safe setting. This builds confidence and fluency, enabling the leaders to embed the new skills and use them in the workplace after the course is over.

We are committed to ensuring that the impact of our interventions with your organisation is captured in a way that is meaningful to your business. We will work with you to develop a method that meets your specific requirements and gives you the information that you need throughout the programme.

All modules will be specifically tailored to examples relevant to your organisation: participants will coach each other on issues currently occurring in their workplace. We are skilled at integrating our programmes into your existing coaching and leadership models and methods so that your investment in prior learning is not lost.


  • Foundation coaching skills including Listening, Questioning and GROW coaching model
  • Coaching feedback skills
  • Enhancement of managers’ self awareness enabling them to tap into their innate resources and full potential as leaders
  • Increase in managers’ efficiency and time organisation by improving delegation skills
  • Improvement of team coaching and cohesion
  • Integration of these skills into the managers’ day to day communications

Participants who would benefit from this course

  • CEOs
  • Directors
  • Senior and Middle Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Learning and Development Heads
  • HR Executives
  • Trainers
  • Executives wishing to take the first step towards becoming internal executive coaches

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