Coach Training for Teachers

ILM coaching and mentoring training for teachers and headteachers

We specialise in coaching in education in many ways, mainly by providing coach training for teachers, headteachers, advisers and  managers. We find that teachers and educationalists naturally possess very highly developed and innate communication skills. In our experience, anyone involveCoaching and mentoring training for teachersd in teaching discovers an easy natural affinity with our coaching methodology and its applications with their students, colleagues and parents.  Our ILM coaching and mentoring training for teachers and headteachers provides a sound qualification and essential practical leadership skills. Coaching in education training not only enhances teaching skills but brings about an improvement in all communication skills, faculty teamwork and leadership.

  • Specifically designed for head teachers, teachers, and educational leaders
  • Structured to be practical and to embed the skills for the long term 
  • Uses best practices, proven methods and novel learning techniques that are refined and shaped by feedback from hundreds of attendees from schools and educational institutions all over the world

Coach Training for Teachers

ILM Coaching and Mentoring Training for Teachers

Performance Coaching Edition of the Learning & Teaching Journal, King George V School, Hong Kong

The style of our coach training is ‘learning by doing’. It is a very practical approach in which participants have the opportunity to observe and practise live coaching sessions about issues arising in their workplaces and to receive constructive and personalised feedback from our trainers and from one another.

Our courses are purposely divided into two or more modules over a period of weeks or months. Between the modules, participants are paired up and given structured assignments in order to practise their skills in a supportive learning environment.. This builds confidence and fluency, enabling participants to embed the new skills and use them naturally in the workplace once they have completed their accreditation

We are committed to ensuring that the impact of our interventions with your school or organisation is captured in a way that is meaningful to you. We work with participants to develop methods that meet their specific requirements and give them the information that they need throughout the programme.

All modules will be specially tailored with examples relevant to your school or organisation. Participants will observe live demonstrations and coach each other practically on real issues currently occurring in their workplace. We are skilled at integrating our programmes into your existing teaching and leadership models so that your investment in any prior learning and training is retained.

Culture at Work is an approved Centre for the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).The ILM is the leading UK awarding body for general and specialist management qualifications and is the leadership arm of City & Guilds, which awards NVQ qualifications. Its awards are internationally recognised.

Generative Thinking Programmes for team building, change management, and leadership integration.

Our facilitators are experienced in providing proven structures for drawing out ideas for change management, team-building, school amalgamation and integration projects. We support you in developing your existing teams, creative, innovative ideas and embedding proven leadership skills. Generative Thinking Programmes can be conducted during a half day or over several weeks or months of combined meetings, skills training and leadership development coaching.

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Video:  Client Testimonial – KLASS

Participants in our ILM coach training course at Alice Smith School in Kuala Lumpur discuss their experiences of attending the course and putting coaching principles into action.

Develop a coaching culture in your own workplace

If you want to bring a coaching culture into your organisation,ILM Level 5, ILM Level 7, performance coach training
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