Clean Language and Emergent Knowledge


Clean Language was developed in the 1980s by David Grove to alleviate traumatic memories, by repeating a client’s words back and asking a series of questions which would elicit metaphors and develop them with the least possible influence from the practitioner. David discovered that when people describe their experiences in metaphor they can move through a traumatic memory and resolve the effects more quickly and easily than by conventional therapeutic methods.

David Grove conducting a spatial exploration of a client’s psychological world

David Grove conducting a spatial exploration of a client’s psychological world

David Grove, Carol Wilson and Angela Dunbar

David Grove, Carol Wilson and Angela Dunbar

David went on to explore spatial remedies, literally moving clients around to gain insight from different perspectives, and in 2005 developed Emergent Knowledge (EK), based on Clean Language, metaphor, spatial questioning and the new science of Emergent. He worked with Carol Wilson, co-founding the “Clean Coaching with EK” training programme to translate his techniques into methods that can be used safely by coaches and other practitioners with no training in therapy.

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