Clean Coaching

Participants at the BBC on a 2 day course in Clean Language and Emergent Knowledge

Participants at the BBC on a 2 day course in Clean Language and Emergent Knowledge

Clean Coaching courses will appeal to internal coaches who have a willingness to try something new which goes beyond standard models, encompassing a very different way of thinking to help the client explore challenges, and an openness to a more psychological approach that involves working with clients at the deeper level of visualization, metaphor and trance work.

Clean Language was devised by psychologist David Grove in the 1980s while working with traumatic memory patients. He noticed that people tended to talk about traumatic feelings in metaphors and that when encouraged to explore their metaphors, the effects of trauma could be more quickly alleviated than by conventional therapy. Carol Wilson worked for several years with David on converting his methods into techniques which could safely be used by practitioners who have no training in therapy. Coaches find the techniques invaluable in helping their clients to dissolve blocks and repeating negative behaviour patterns.

Training can cover both Clean Language (working with metaphor linguistically)  and Emergent Knowledge (working with space, both physical and in the mind). It teaches participants how to help the client access a different level of thinking, which can lead to transformational change.

The learning takes place in a highly experiential way with opportunities for participants to witness expert demonstrations, see change happen and practise the process themselves to experience the results.

To see a case history of Clean training at the BBC click here.

“It gave me a way to explore emotions and feelings safely, staying within the boundary that separates coaching from therapy. It was also a revelation to see where the client’s mind went to when freed from its usual verbal restrictions when exploring an issue. An unexpectedly great way of working.” – Liz Macann, Head of Executive, Leadership and Management Coaching, BBC.

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