Philip Morris International Ltd

Global Accredited Executive Performance Coach Training Programme



PMI wished to enhance the coaching skills of its managers and ensure that coaching should become the accepted management style across the world.


We consulted with PMI to design the Manager-as-Coach course which could be rolled out across the world and in local languages.

The structure of the course is:

  1. Five-day ‘ILM Level 7 Executive Performance Coach’ course including assessment & accreditation, spread over three months.
  2. Participants are paired to practise face to face and by phone in between sessions.
  3. Participants are set practical assignments to carry out in the workplace and reading assignments.
  4. Assessment on Day 5 for ILM Recognised accreditation.

Shorter courses are sometimes delivered.

Support materials:

  • Student manual
  • Cheat card.
  • Intranet Coaching Forum.


Since 2010 we have delivered Manager-as-Coach courses to over 2000 participants at PMI across 27 countries including Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Dubai, Egypt, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Lithuania, Mexico, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland and the UK, and in local languages including Russian, Spanish, Brazilian and Japanese. Our feedback from PMI is that it is regarded as the best management course ever run in PMI.

“I have received the feedback that the first training session had quite a big impact on the participants! They were very pleased with you [James Wright] as a trainer (open, good examples and demonstrations, knowledgeable). And also they were very happy with the content of this first session: pragmatic. One feedback was even that it was the ‘best training ever’. And PM employees do have quite often the opportunity to attend a training, so this is absolutely a compliment.” – Joyce Heijgen, Manager HR Business Partner, Czech Republic PMI.

“With an engineer education, I quite naturally built my understanding of the world through a rather scientific and technical approach. The years have taught me that the world is above all made of people who, as individuals, have their own way of seeing the world. And obviously, they do not all have an engineering background. With the time, I had the opportunity to move from engineering to managerial positions, from pure technical skills to people management, with all the diplomacy that is required. The years have allowed me to increase my interpersonal understanding and leadership skills supporting and developing people who work around me. And yet, it has always been a challenging and difficult task to encourage, motivate and guide people, sometimes leaving me with a feeling of helplessness. Then, the year 2011 came to me with a gift, a precious and immeasurable gift: Manager-as-Coach training. None of the previous courses around people management I ever attended has brought me such a powerful and impactful method to help people reach their own goals. It has been a real eye-opener and a revelation of what a coach is”. – Dominique Andrey, Manager Quality Assurance, Philip Morris Products SA, Switzerland.

“For me “manager as a coach” was one more training. At the beginning, I was sceptical about what could that bring to me on top of the OPEN culture we have in place, the different leadership trainings I took in the past and the one to one session already in place with my direct reports. At the same time, most colleagues who have participated were pretty unanimously positive about how it changes the behavior.

I have to say that very quickly I’ve been convinced about the approach and the benefit it can bring me, my team and the full organization. Personally, I’m very satisfied to have attended to the training, because it definitely help me to be a better leader, coachee and coach.” – Javier Saiz, SC Planning & Controlling Manager, Philip Morris Products.