English Schools Foundation: ILM Level 7 Coach Training and Train the Coach Trainer

Train the Coach Trainer

The Foundation governs 17 private schools in Hong Kong. In a fee-paying international setting, teaching conditions are very different to those found in many state school systems world-wide. Campuses are full of dedicated pupils eager to learn but also highly pressurized in an atmosphere of competition, high expectation and extra-curricular tutoring. Head Teacher of one of the schools, Graham Silverthorne, who had instigated a coach training programme with us at his previous headship in a comprehensive school near Bristol,   had a vision of building a coaching culture throughout a number of closely linked schools and within the ESF itself.

Working closely with Graham Silverthorne, we created a coaching training course for teachers  leading to ILM certification. After two years, Graham and one of his colleagues had sufficient experience in coaching to train as trainers themselves. They are now delivering coach training internally at the ESF.

Since 2011 we have delivered ILM certified courses to  nearly 200 participants from the ESF in Hong Kong and our Train the Trainer graduates have delivered 3 courses internally.

“My mind is buzzing – so different from many courses where the mind is dulled!”

“Thank you – a great (and super speedy) day. Looking forward to tomorrow. 

“Very good! Really appreciated the chance to be reflective!”

“I can see how these things will be applied to my role in working collaboratively with TL, new staff and current staff. I can see huge potential in the process. Thanks for your insight and experience sharing.” 

“I will definitely apply the skills for coaching and supporting the staff to develop goals and achieve them.”

“Brain churning, lots of learning! Much thanks.”

“Being ‘in role’ really helps – at times I thought I would not be able to take the conversation anywhere, but the model definitely facilitated this. Really helps when tired! This has been an incredibly intense but useful training course. I will definitely apply what I have learned in my professional (and private) life. Thank you so much for your time and commitment.”

“This is a very powerful course! The more you do it the better you get (or the more comfortable I got!)”

“Fantastic course, very valuable experience and I’m looking forward to developing the skills and getting more involved in coaching.”

“What I found most valuable was the opportunity to experience the coaching feedback model with direct correlation to our coaching. Thank you for the exceptional level of quality and challenge, reflection and skill development experienced over the last three days. Greatly appreciated.”

“I valued the time with colleagues, discussing and using the coaching model so that discussions were professional and focused. The discussion about the future of coaching in the foundation and its commitment to sustainability of coaching was inspirational and built further confidence.”