C-Suite Leadership and Team Building Programmes

Our transformational Leadership and Team Building programmes are tailor-made to enhance leadership skills at all levels, from C-suite to future leaders. We support leaders in  organisations across 33 countries, through a combination of manager-as-coach and C-Suite coach training, board meeting facilitation, and a variety of leadership skills programmes. We help managers to identify their strengths and develop their own authentic, congruent leadership styles, while providing them with simple management skills and tools.

We create whatever is needed to develop your leaders, from six-month programmes for C-Suite coaching leaders to one day events or presentations for coaching managers.

As a leader, do you find yourself feeling that:

  • you are driving initiatives and engaging limited input from your staff?
  • you are too busy to spend time with, listen to and coach your teams?
  • the real meetings, where decisions are made, take place in private after the team has ‘gone through the motions’ at the big meetings?
  • your feedback demotivates people instead of helping them?

How would it be if:

  • you were managing a team of enthusiastic people who take ownership of their work, learn from mistakes and proffer solutions instead of problems?
  • you were leading a team who take the initiative and spontaneously asked for your input when they needed it so you didn’t ever have to check on them?
  • the time you now spend monitoring progress were to be freed up so you could plan ahead, visualise, listen more and encourage your reports?

Take a look at our case histories to understand what can be achieved in terms of leadership and team development:

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