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Alinma Bank is one of the largest banks in the Middle East with $4billion capital and reaching all regions of Saudi Arabia through its branch, ATM and digital networks, The bank provides innovative and unique products and services in a Shariah-compliant manner and method. We were approached by Alinma to provide a programme to establish a coaching culture, engage the leaders in coaching, and to achieve a clear mandate for coaching in Alinma Bank, identifying performance discrepancies and enhancing the art of feedback and active listening.


We delivered our signature five day ILM Executive Coach Training programme, extended over 3-6 months to enable managers to integrate coaching skills into their own authentic leadership styles.


We continue to supply ILM Executive Coach Training to Alinma in Riyadh, led by our Head of Training James Wright who has a degree in Arabic and considerable experience of delivering training in Saudi and the Middle East.

Feedback from participants on the ILM Executive Coach Training Programme

  • “This is the most useful training course I ever attended. I liked the ‘Mentoring v Coaching’.”
  • “The most valuable thing about the training was learning how to manage employees to develop them to optimum productivity. I learned specific ways to thinking (coaching) to build a perfect teamwork and improve my effectiveness.”
  • “Excellent contents and coach. Many thanks James”
  • “Excellent topic, content and trainer.”
  • “Thank you. It’s amazing training.”
  • “Keep up the same intensity and engagement. Well done!”
  • “Many thanks for Mr James for course content, richness and modifying the training to our needs”,

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