GE (General Electric): ILM Accredited Coach Training

GE’s subsidiary Finnamore introduced our accredited coach training to its executives to support their  ambition to foster a coaching culture. In 2013 Finnamore sent two of its executives, including the Managing Partner, John Deverill, on a programmes we deliver for the charity MOE Foundation. He found the wider experience of working with people from  varied backgrounds to be invaluable and suggested that some MOE participants could join the next GE accredited coach training programme.

ILM Accredited Coach Training at GE


Nine MOE participants joined twelve managers from GE and Finnamore, with MOE supplying two additional trainers to assist our Head of Training, James Wright, in delivering an ILM accredited coach training course. The programme ran for five days spread over several months, with practice assignments in between.


Both the corporate and the MOE participants found it beneficial to work with people from a wider remit than usual and the two assistant trainers gained experience of delivering coach training in a corporate environment.

Since 2010 we have regularly delivered ILM accredited coach training courses for GE executives in the UK and abroad.


“Not only was this process extremely valuable for me and my colleagues who attended, it was also of value in building organisational strength in the longer term. We are committed to building an inclusive culture of coaching and mentoring amongst our senior leaders, and this training helped us to progress towards this ambition in an inclusive way” – John Deverill, Managing Partner, GE Healthcare Finnamore

  • A 10/10. This is the most important four days of training I’ve had in a very long time. This transforms me.” – Michelle Russell, GE Healthcare
  • “I very much look forward to the further few training days.  I am sure I am going to come away with lots of knowledge”
  • “Really enjoyed the course.  Well structured, engaging and thought provoking”
  • “Really good training.  Good fun and feeling more confident about coaching”
  • “I have enjoyed this and got much more out of this than I was expecting”
  • “A great experience – I look forward to the next session”
  • “Excellent course.  I am very excited about this journey and what I am learning”

ILM accredited coach training  Accredited Coach Training  
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