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Leadership development in Russia

The Coaching Room PMI St Petersburg

At Culture at Work we provide global manager-as-coach training and Creating a Coaching Culture programmes at all levels, including C-Suite, for organisations in 33 countries and in all main business languages. We can provide in-house courses by webinar, open coaching skills training London, ILM Endorsed, Level 5, Level 7 and Diploma coaching qualifications, advanced coaching programmes and general advice on strategy for creating a coaching culture in your organisation.

Global manager-as-coach training

Coach training in Warsaw with IPF

Click on the case histories below for examples of Transformational Leadership & Team Building programmes, ILM Accredited Coaching Skills Training, coaching Train-the-Trainer, Creating a Coaching Culture and Manager-as-Coach courses in all sectors including  retail and manufacturing , economic, education, the NHS, charities and county councils. Read our article “Creating a Coaching Culture” here.

Click the company name on the left below for a case history, and the programme name on the right for details of the type of intervention. For a full list of our clients click here

IKEA  – Train the Coach Trainer programme
NCR (National Cash Registers)  –  Global Coaching & Mentoring Workshops
PMI (Philip Morris International)  –  Global Creating a Coaching Culture
HILTI Corporation  –  Global ILM Coaching and Mentoring Training courses
GE (General Electric) Healthcare  –  Manager as Coach training courses
ALINMA Bank Riyadh  – ILM Executive Coach Training courses
IPF (International Personal Finance)  – Coaching Train the Trainer programme

Kent County Council’s (KCC) SE Coaching & Mentoring Network                                                                                                                                     –  ILM Performance Coach Training
KCC Coaching Supervision Training   –  Workplace coaching supervision training
KCC Advanced Coach Training  –  Leadership Tools for Coaching Managers
CML 2012 Olympic Delivery Partner (Construction)                                                                                                                                          –  C-Suite Leadership Development programme
BBC Clean Coaching   –  David Grove’s Clean Language course
Arts Council England Cultural Leadership Programme   –  Coaching Skills for Leadership
Sheffield Museums  – Team building programme
NHS: The Royal Free, Barts, Guys, St Thomas’, North Middlesex Hospital Trusts                                                                            –  ILM Coaching and Mentoring courses for C-Suite executives

ESF (English Schools Foundation ) Hong Kong  –  Creating a Coaching Culture
KLASS (Alice Smith School Kuala Lumpur  –  Performance Coach Training for Schools
North Somerset Coaching Partnership (Schools & Local Government)                                                                        –  Performance Coach Training for Schools
Gordano School Portishead  –  Performance Coach Training for Schools
Canterbury Schools  –  Facilitation for change management
Radnor House Independent School  – Coach Training for Senior Leadership Team

Performance Coaching for Leadership Executive Coaching Course                                                                                                                                   –  open Become-a-Coach course

MOE Foundation  – pro bono Coach Training for disadvantaged young people
African Prisons Project   – pro bono Coach Training and train the coach trainer for African prison governors

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     Alinma Bank Riyadh coaching case study