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Carol Wilson has authored two books, contributed to five others, and published over 60 articles about coaching at work, coaching culture strategy, coaching techniques, coach training, and David Grove’s Clean Language & Emergent Knowledge. A recognised authority in coaching, and a Fellow of the ILM, the Association for Coaching and the Professional Speaking Association, Carol has presented papers and spoken at conferences all over the world about coaching at work and coaching related topics.

“Performance Coaching: a Complete Guide to Best Practice Coaching and Training” has been translated into Polish, Italian and Bahasa Indonesian.

“The Life and Work of David Grove: Clean Language & Emergent Knowledge” is now available.

The article “Developing a Coaching Culture”, which outlines a comprehensive strategy for a coaching culture at work, was nominated for an Emerald Literati Award.

Performance Coaching: a Complete Guide to Best Practice Coaching and Training

The Work and Life of David Grove: Clean Language and Emergent Knowledge

Excellence in Coaching

The Handbook of Knowledge Based Coaching

Performance Coaching: a Complete Guide to Best Practice Coaching and Training (new edition Kogan Page 2014)

by Carol Wilson


Performance Coaching


This book provides a comprehensive guide to coaching at work, drawing on the author’s experience of designing coaching and leadership programmes in 33 countries. It has been translated into Polish, Italian and Bahasa Indonesian, and in its second edition:


Performance coaching at work Polish       Performance Coaching at work Italian       Performance Coaching at Work Bahasa Indonesian



  • Forewords by Sir Richard Branson and Sir John Whitmore
  • A 10 point plan for creating a coaching culture in organisations
  • The coaching-mentoring-managing continuum
  • Nine basic coaching techniques including listening, questioning, goal setting, permission protocol and coaching feedback, all with detailed explanations and examples
  • Best practice for coaching at work, coaches and coaching supervision
  • 25 techniques that are related to coaching and leadership, including 360 degree surveys, MBTI, NLP, Clean Language, Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment, Situational Leadership, Systemic Coaching, Bruce Tuckman’s Team Model, Transactional Analysis and the OK Corral.
  • 36 international case histories of coaching at work from leading experts in coaching, mindfulness, neuroscience including coaching programmes at IKEA, CLM 2012 Olympic Delivery Partner and the BBC




What a marvellous book you have given to the world. It is wonderfully written: accessible, clear, alive, rich with a truly impressive collection of key processes and ideas for the cutting edge of coaching. In my experience hardly any other book achieves all of these things. Thank you again for the honour of being included and especially for the beautiful, responsible way you presented the ideas and processes of the Thinking Environment.” – Nancy Kline


“Carol Wilson has managed to capture much of the best of good practice in this excellent primer on coaching, both in her review of coaching basics and the informed comment of some of the UK’s most experienced coaching authorities. The book’s value is enhanced by case studies illustrating a variety of coaching approaches.” – David Clutterbuck, co-founder of the European Mentoring Centre (now the European Mentoring and Coaching Council), and visiting professor at Sheffield Hallam University’s Mentoring and Coaching Research Group.


“Beautifully written, lucid and unpretentious, I predict that it will quickly establish itself as a must-read. The book will work for all levels of understanding, from the novice coach and nervous line manager to established practitioner. It could also be useful for HR departments that want to speak expert language. Carol explains its mysteries before sharing tools, case studies and exercises.” – Personnel Today Magazine


“The best coaching starter kit I have come across to date.” – Sir John Whitmore, co-creator of the GROW model.

“Even experienced coaches have difficulties in integrating the wide range of skills and processes necessary for successful performance coaching within organisations. For many it is not easy to integrate theory and practice with process… This book gives the reader valuable insights in a straightforward and practical fashion. If only more coaching texts were as useful, unpretentious and jargon-free!” – Dr Anthony Grant PhD, Director, Coaching Psychology Unit, University of Sydney


“Anyone who knows Carol knows she is a class act and this book will certainly re-enforce that opinion. What I particularly like is the pragmatic simplicity of her language used to explain her ideas, models and techniques which are obviously based on her successful practical experience. As a major player in the emerging UK coaching profession she clearly articulates the growing consensus on what constitutes best practice. This is a ‘must read book’ for those who prefer common sense to the often rather pretentious over academic psychobabble that mark too many new contributions to the coaching professional literature.” – Eric Parsloe OTLG / Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring


“Carol Wilson’s book makes a real contribution to the field of coaching. A practical, accurate and thorough guide for anyone involved in coaching. With insights into the best coaching tools and techniques, there are plenty of coaching nuggets, too! A must-read for professional coaches, internal coaches, or anyone entering this emerging profession.”– Katherine Tulpa, Chair and Co-founder, Association for Coaching


“Carol Wilson has clearly got a great deal of personal business experience to call on, having worked with two of our era’s great business leaders – Richard Branson and John Whitmore – as well as running her own businesses and this shows in her realistic suggestions and ideas for Performance Coaching. It will sit next to just a couple of other Coaching ‘must have’s’ that I really will refer back to time and again.” – Amazon review


“I found this book to be an invaluable point of reference for anyone seeking a clearer understanding of coaching and its associated benefits. The book is rich in international case studies, which, along with the author’s obviously considerable experience, provides a realistic insight into what coaching can and can’t do.” –  Coaching at Work magazine


“This is a great resource book for coaches. It will also appeal to managers who want to create a coaching culture. The author’s enthusiasm for coaching is infectious.” – Association for Coaching Bulletin




The Work and Life of David Grove:

Clean Language and Emergent Knowledge

 by Carol Wilson


BUY THIS BOOKThe Work and Life of David Grove, Clean Language & Emergent Knowledge


In the 1980s David Grove devised a technique called Clean Language for healing patients with traumatic memories, such as child abuse or wartime trauma. The process enabled patients to resolve the effects of their experiences through visualisation and metaphor. He converted the work into a spatial technique called Emergent Knowledge and his techniques have attracted practitioners from all over the world including the UK, Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand.


Performance Coaching authority Carol Wilson worked with David until his death in 2008, developing courses to train coaches and business psychologists to use his methods in the workplace, in order to relieve mental blocks and limiting behavioural patterns such as fear of public speaking, bullying and thwarted personal potential.


This book contains a record not only of David’s work with Carol, but with leading practitioners across the world, including detailed descriptions of techniques, case histories and biographical details of David’s life. Executive coaches, therapists and business psychologists will be able to enhance their existing techniques by incorporating ideas, methods and principles from this book. It will help experienced and potential Clean practitioners to gain a full understanding of the ground-breaking methods created by David in this field.


Contributing authors

Edited by Angela Dunbar

Foreword by Penny Tompkins and James Lawley

Adrian Goodall

Caitlin Walker

Deborah HenleyIan Haldane

Jennifer de Gandt

Keiko Izumi

Lynn Bullock

Lynne Burney

Philip Harland

Rob McGavock

Tania Korsak


Troubador Publishing Ltd (2017)

ISBN-10: 1785892886

ISBN-13: 978-1785892882



Excellence in Coaching
The Industry Guide – Edited by Jonathan Passmore


Including chapters by Sir John Whitmore and Carol Wilson


Best Practice in Performance Coaching


Excellence in Coaching
 is cutting-edge thinking in the field of workplace coaching. The high profile contributors offer a breadth of perspectives and insights into the range of coaching disciplines, in a book that embraces diversity and rigour.


“The coaching profession has requested an industry guide of best practice, and this is what the Association for Coaching has delivered. A handbook that embraces diversity bringing together a credible range of coaching models and techniques by some of the world’s leading authorities on coaching.” – Katherine Tulpa, Chair, Association for Coaching

The Handbook of Knowledge Based Coaching


The Handbook of Knowledge Based Coaching


Over 30 authors from around the world including Carol Wilson, David Clutterbuck, David Megginson and Jonathan Passmore.

  • Compiled and edited by leading educator Leni Wildflower and former ICF President Dianne Brennan

2011 Jossey-Bass, an imprint of John Wiley