Gordano School

Gordano School is a large secondary school situated in Portishead. Headteacher Graham Silverthorne wished to create a coaching culture which would permeate throughout the staff and pupils.

Initially Graham Silverthorne attended our Open Coach Training course in order to ascertain whether the skills taught would be appropriate for the school. He then commissioned a series of coaching sessions for each of 5 teachers over ten weeks, followed by a roll-out of several coach training programmes for these teachers and others

Following the coaching series and the coach training programme, we presented the benefits of coaching to the entire staff (120 teachers) prior to rolling out the training to the next group of selected teachers. Subsequently we worked with the Headteacher to train 11 Gordano students as peer coaches. This team are now working within the student body and have, in turn, been asked to work with students from another secondary school to develop their own coaching model.

The course led to the creating of the North Somerset Coaching Partnership, where we have run several courses for Primary School leaders in North Somerset (detailed below) and courses in Hong Kong, where Graham Silverthorne has moved to become a Headteacher at the English Schools Foundation.

“I found the course a really fulfilling and motivating experience. At the end of four days I felt that I had acquired some really valuable new skills to help me as a leader as well as an insight that coaching as a model might help to drive forward the aims of my organisation. The whole experience was engaging and refreshing.” –  Graham Silverthorne, Headteacher, Gordano School, Portishead

“An opportunity to learn something new with colleagues. An exciting prospect of cascading the information down through the school. Really interactive learning days! Fast moving, relevant and thought provoking. Challenges every single participant. Thank you for a fantastic three days! Really enjoyable.” – Lesley Greenway Department Head

“An excellent facilitator (thank you!). The modelling of different skills was particularly powerful. Exceeded my expectations.” – Paul Jacobs Principal Secondary Advisor

“Having seen the effects this process/training can have on individual cements my view that all staff in my school should experience the training and be able to utilise it in their everyday lives. Thank you James for your time and expertise.” – Rod Bell Asst Headteacher & PE Teacher


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